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A GameHost or GH is a volunteer Simutronics staff member who serves as the front line of in-game customer service. A GameHost is the usual staff member that responds when a player uses ASSIST to request staff assistance. GameHosts may also serve as Wedding Coordinators.

Applying to be a GameHost

Applications are found at

According to the Simutronics site, GameHosts are the liaison between GameMasters and the players when it comes to technical issues in the game. They are the basic "frontline" in the chain of Customer Service.

They are required to have a good knowledge of the game and should be able to answer questions about basic technical issues and general gameplay. Hosts can also get involved in planning large-scale roleplaying events with GMs, acting as "extras" or "cast members" at special events and festivals, and sometimes helping to test out new systems and game mechanics for the GM staff.

GameHost Ranks

There are three ranks of GameHosts, that appear as obvious pre-titles when viewing the Host in person:

  • Host-In-Training
  • GameHost
  • Senior GameHost

GameHosts Past and Present

GameHost Past/Present Notes
Abavus Past Host-in-Training as of May 2010
Fadeus Past
Aesei Past
Belcaesar Stormtek Past Noteworthy as Elanthia's longest serving host. (10+ years!)
Danarian Past
Eilyn Past
Fornsarv Past
Ionar Past
Jhala Past Senior GameHost
Kokohoa Past
Kothos Past Senior GameHost
Oome Present Senior GameHost
Tacaru Past Senior GameHost
Taweret Past 2015 Player's Choice Awards Host of the Year
Torrae Past Host-in-Training
Zasina Past Senior GameHost
Zihalia Past
Adazia Past
Ahhaz Past
Alencia Past
Alianah Past
Allesandretto Past
Ambus Past
Anoria Past
Baltus Past
Cayli Past
Cayte Past
Cespar Past
Chizari Present
Chryysta Past
Conniff Past
Daeva Past
Darnak Past
Dharzan Past
Donton Past
Eilidhe Past
Emaeyah Past
Eselwyn Past
Fadiewen Past
Faeyn Past
Fanhuren Past
Faraya Past
Felimid Past
Garatu Past Senior GameHost
Garial Past
Ghalere Past
Gungan Past Senior GameHost
Hahtinzi Past
Hhrisan Past
Idre Present
Jalmoda Past
Jamowan Past
Jezzup Past
Kidak Past
Korehai Past
Krisnda Past
Kuurse Li'Hara Past 2007 Player's Choice Awards Host of the Year
Litain Past
Lluviah Past
Lyda Past
Mardina Past
Marhalt Past
Marigel Past
Merloc Past Host-in-Training
Miravia Past Senior GameHost
Miriette Past
Nairne Past
Nallie Past
Nemraesha Past
Niklad Past
Nyteria Past
Paksen Past
Pelaya Past
Peytra Past
Relael Past
Runolf Past
Serala Past
Shander Past
Shriz Past
Soluryn Past
Syrinax Past
Thelesis Past
Therakith Past
Tiaren Past
Tilvan Past
Tippet Tophopper Past
Trelaren Past
Tryndar Past
Vakoud Past
Vallika Past
Vallista Past Senior GameHost
Veyant Past
Vindixa Past
Zai Past Host in Summer of 1996, possibly the first ever GameHost, back when Assist Queue could be up to 100 people waiting (prior to extended ASSIST verb).
Zeolite Past
Zug Past
Zyrandia Past


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