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GameHost Gamm
Rank GH
Tenure Past

November 2015

You see Host-in-Training Gamm, Lifeguard of Elanthia, a Rakash.
Gamm has an oval face, wide-set crystal green eyes and a freckled nose. He has cropped red hair, with dark skin and a lean build. He is tall for a Rakash.
He appears to be venerable.
He has a short thin mustache on his upper lip and a sparse beard.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing some rose-tinted shades, a bright red button that reads "ALL GMs ARE AWESOME!", a fluorescent yellow shirt patterned with palm trees and fuchsia orchids, a bronze sky-surfer armband, some sunbleached linen board shorts painted with pink daisies, a pair of blue flipflops topped with tiny alligator heads, a large canvas beachbag with a pink striped towel, a balanced duraka skefne with a tempered blade, a battered surfboard with a missing chunk and a wicked sunburn.