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Senior GameHost Kothos
Rank SGH
Tenure Past

You see Senior GameHost Kothos, an Elothean Moon Mage.
Kothos has tilted almond-shaped green eyes. His platinum hair is short and thick, and is worn braided. He has tanned skin.
He appears to be an adult.
He has a long narrow mustache that droops to either side of the mouth on his upper lip and a long thin beard.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a sleek black fedora adorned with a starched red feather, a heavy gold chain hung with a pocket version of the "NEWS", an ornate platinum brooch set with an orichalcum icosahedron, a jar of pickles, a Kothos backpack, a burgundy plaid shirt with yellow and black cross-hatching, a giant pickle costume, a shield-shaped platinum ring studded with sparkling diamonds, a pair of heavy indigo cotton trousers with a red patch pocket on the left knee, a murky-colored case labeled "secret tricks" and a pair of floppy brown sandals stamped with a skull and crossbones.