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Gahlron Dragon’Claws
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime

Physical Description

Gahlron has pointed ears and jade eyes. His black hair is long and straight, and is worn tied back. He has tanned skin.
He has a tattoo of a grey wolf howling at a moonlit sky on his back.

Facts and Tidbits

Date of Birth: 18th day of the 2nd month of Ka'len 299AV.

Early Life

Gahlron is a Forest Elf born in Leth Deriel, Gahlron decided to head off to Crossing to become a Ranger. He had met many people who traveled through Leth into Shard, spoke to them and learned what each of their guilds had to offer. And while being a Barbarian at first appealed to him. It was the call of the wild that ultimately chose his path.

It did not take Gahlron long to learn the busy city streets of Crossing was not for him. And he would make frequent, long stays along the hunting grounds of the Northern Trade Route. Only occasionally stopping in Crossing to sit at the bank and watch the hustle and bustle of the crowds that congregated there.

Gahlron was in Kaerna Village when Sorrow’s War broke out. Caught in the middle of the no-man’s-land area between Sorrow’s Keep and Crossing. Badly wounded, Gahlron left for Riverhaven when he remained. A recluse and a hermit, Gahlron dissapeared from public view for many years.

Gahlron’s Return

Not long ago, Gahlron made his return to Crossing. He was surprised and dismayed at the changes that took place. The attitudes of the people had changed, and new laws came into affect that forever changed the way Gahlron trained while in the town. Kalika was surprised to see him and had considered him dead all those years ago. Kalika informed him of changes that took place within his own guild and informed him that requirements to advance had changed to such a degree that Gahlron would be required to regain 10 of the circles she has once awarded him. Dissapointed, Gahlron set out to regain these circles. Realizing how much the world had changed he realized that he was once again the student and not the teacher. So he set out to learn what he could. Crossing never suited his style to begin with, now it was much less to his liking, so he left and headed south to Shard where he met the Rangers Pfanston, Hanryu and Celitha. They were eager to teach him what they could. Now Gahlron spends much of his time traveling between Shard and the Blighted Tangle of Forfedhar. Forfedhar has the peace and quite that he’s been looking for all these years. And those few who travel there are eager to listen to the stories Gahlron has to tell and often share with him stories of events taking place elsewhere.

Past Affiliations and Events

Prior to the outbreak of Sorrow’s War, Gahlron was attacked by his friend Callek, who was suffering from hallucinations of Sorrow’s coming and mistook Gahlron for Sorrow. Callek was rendered unconscious and committed until he was able to regain his sanity.

Gahlron assisted with the construction of the Orphanage in Crossing outside the east gate.

Current Doings

Gahlron currently resides in Forfedhar, making occasional trips to Shard to see friends. He enjoys spending his time helping others in the area.

Personal Life

Gahlron has a Gor’Tog brother named Deathlok Spar’Hawk. While not brothers by birth they hold a special bond with each other since they first met in Leth Deriel.

While in Crossing, Gahlron met and married a Elven Paladin by the name of Kristalain Zubrus. Unfortunately she was killed in Sorrow’s War.

Gahlron eventually remarried. He married the Elothean Empath Meadbh on the 6th month of Arhat 386AV. They eventually had a daughter named Kealyn who has now become a Cleric.