Gadelica's Riches for the Reverent (1)

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Gadelica's Riches for the Reverent
Event Feast of Eluned 1
Owner Gadelica
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Cleric shops, Writing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Main Room

[Gadelica's Riches for the Reverent]
This spacious tent is decorated simply, but with attention to details. A thick carpet with intricate knotted tassels covers the ground and muffles the sounds from the fairgrounds outside. The displays are neatly organized on furniture as exquisitely made as the wares themselves. Nothing is extravagant, but the careful craftsmanship reflects the richness of the spirit that made each item.
You also see a polished silverwillow table with some stuff on it, a group of clothes hooks with some stuff on it, a silver tray with some stuff on it, a dark blue curtain and a ladder-back chair with a deeply-cowled monk's robe on it.
Obvious exits: north, south.

On the silverwillow table
Item Price Done
black jade amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord 33,730   
white jade charm 31,232   No
dark topaz charm 26,860   No
smoky crystal amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord 23,112   No
roseate crystal amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord 24,675   
midnight blue crystal amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord 25,000   No
A parchment note you *should read* reads:
The patron of thieves and assassins is said to have a soft spot for small children. Each amulet or charm upon this table bears an image of Damaris, while its other side holds an image of either his light or dark aspect, as you will see when you examine them. These special pieces call upon Damaris' protection for any child wearing them, or perhaps even for the child within your own soul.
On the clothes hooks
Item Price Done
scarlet wedding cassock 15,000   No
simple ritual robe 12,500   No
monk's robe 13,750   No
dove grey robes 13,750   No
fringed prayer shawl 1,875   No
On the silver tray
Item Price Done
wedding cup 3,750   No
A small note reads:
Custom wedding cups can be made for clerics to use in their ceremonies, or for couples as a wedding item.
On the ladder-back chair
Item Price Done
deeply-cowled monk's robe 200,000   No

Music Alcove

[Gadelica's Music Alcove]
A polished table displays an unusual collection of instruments, each crafted of the finest wood. Most are either detailed with carved decoration or ornament such as jade, shell and ivory inlay. A case holds an assortment of tiny bells. You also see a low shelf with some stuff on it, a large basket and an engraved sign.
Obvious exits: south.

An engraved sign reads:
For those interested in the musical instruments, the treble viol and pyi-pya each take 
4 replacement strings. Packages of 6-strings should be used for the bandoura and the new 
ebony lyra viol.
On the felt-padded table
Item Price Done
ceremonial Mer'Kresh moon shell horn 12,500   
copper ritual drum 6,250   
bronze carnyx with the bell in the shape of a open-mouthed ram 40,000   
burlwood bandoura 30,000   No
silk-stringed pyi-pya 12,500   
polished lyra viol 12,500   No
jade-banded txistu 3,750   
necklace of bird-bone flutes 10,000   
In the bell case
Item Price Done
blackened silver bell shaped as a curled sleeping panther 3,750   No
tiny silver bell shaped as a dozing dove 2,625   No
matte black porcelain bell with images of four ravens in bas-relief 2,500   No
gleaming bronze bell shaped as a plump magpie 1,804   No
tiny gold bell shaped as a roaring lion 3,000   No
tiny crystal bell etched with the image of a rising phoenix 2,500   No
small porcelain bell painted with a splashing dolphin 2,500   No
small silver cloisonne bell fashioned as a sleeping cat 4,750   No
gold-washed bell shaped as a rearing unicorn 3,250   No
tiny pewter bell shaped as a shrew 2,375   No
small blown-glass bell shaped as a fat perched wren 2,500   
On the low shelf
Item Price Done
drum stick 250   
ivory drum stick 500   
In the large basket
Item Price Done
ritual drum skin 187   No
set of six strings 625   
set of four silk strings 625   

Waiting Area

[Gadelica's Waiting Area]
Scattered pillows, quilted from scraps of leftover fabric, create a jumble of comfortable piles to lounge upon while waiting for assistance from Gadelica and her assistants. The tent roof billows high overhead, flapping gently in rhythmic puffs. You also see a slate shelf with some stuff on it, a hinged clam-shell box, a bookcase with some stuff on it and a tent flap.
Obvious exits: north.

On the slate shelf
Item Price Done
jar of purple squid ink 437   No
jar of blue squid ink 437   No
jar of blood red ink 437   
jar of black squid ink 437   No
In the clam-shell box
Item Price Done
fish-bone stylus 720   No
sculpin spine stylus 625   
monkfish spine stylus 720   No
sailfish spine stylus 720   No
On the bookcase
Item Price Done
booklet bound in blue-green suede 4,803   No
booklet bound in dark blue leather 4,803   
booklet bound in battered water-stained leather 4,803