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Cooking will be a discipline of the Alchemy skill.

Players are able to make a small variety of food and drink at this time. The system will most likely expand when the new crafting systems are released. There will be a discipline dedicated to cooking.


1. Forage and Crush berries in mortar. Can be berries of any non-herb, you can get larger quantities of tea by combining foraged berries together. Leave berries in mortar for a long time, after a while they become juice. 2. Forage tea leaves and bake them dry in a pyramid on a sunny day.


Tea Recipe 1
1 cup dried leaves
1 cup berry juice

Pour both items into a mixing jar on your heated stove. It may take time for your jar and stove to heat up to the proper temperature. *it requires immense amounts of heat to make tea with juice as a base. Mix in jar, makes excellent tea.

Tea Recipe 2
1 cup dried tea leaves
1 cup almond oil or water or honey

Repeat as above. *requires less heat.

Tea Recipe 3
1 cup dried cleric herb
1 cup dried tea leaves
1 cup almond oil or water or honey

Repeat as above. *Takes longer. Makes Chamomile, Lavender, Old Sage teas.

Alcoholic Drinks

This is actually created with a spell Glythtide's Gift and requires constant amounts of mana. Creates a random alcoholic drink in spell caster's hand.

Fire Cooking

A number of stores and locations let you cook a limited number of items over an open flame. In general, you will need a piece of food designed for the system along with a cooking stick, saucepan, or similar cooking utensil. Put your food in or on the utensil, and then WAVE the utensil over the fire.

Fire sources can include:

Cooking food and utensils can be found at:

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