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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

Things You Will Need & Where

  • a piece of bark from a fir tree - You will get this during the quest.
  • a fir talisman - You will get this during the quest.
  • some holy water - You can hold water and have a Cleric bless it or get it from various other places around the Realms.
  • a carving knife - Novices can get one of these from the kitchen in the Tenderfoot Inn's Kitchen. The Inn is located in Jadewater Mansion. Once in the kitchen nod at the Cook and read or SKIP what he has to say then ACCEPT the carving knife when he offers it to you. Then you can leave or continue to read what he has to say. You can also purchase one from any Engineering society.
Ghouls and Crazed Madmen near Dirge also carry carving knives.

Obtaining the Fir Talisman

  1. You will have to go to the Fir Tree in front of the old Warrior Mage's Guild near Crossing. To get there from outside the Northeast Gate, go Southeast, East, and East.
  2. Once there you will have to PULL TREE until you have a piece of bark from the tree.
  3. Go to an area near Shard called the Dead Animal Trail. From the path to Steelclaw Clan, go South, Climb Stile, east, south, south, west.
  4. Make sure both of your hands are empty and PUT RIGHT HAND IN FIRST HOLE,
  5. Get your BARK out and make sure it's in your RIGHT HAND then PUT LEFT HAND IN SECOND HOLE
  6. If you mess up here, you will get hand damage and be unable to proceed due to hand damage. Head to the Shard autopath or find an empath to start again.
  7. Put your bark away and get the Holy Water. It must be in your LEFT HAND and cannot be in a container. Then PUT RIGHT HAND IN THIRD HOLE.
  8. Move west again to enter the walled area.
  9. Go west from here and past the stairs, make sure you have the bark in your right hand and GIVE BARK TO MAN;
  10. You will receive a talisman in return. Leave the area completely.

Carving the Talisman

Steps to Carving Properly

  1. With your talisman in your right hand and nothing in your left. RUB MY TALISMAN until it is attuned to you.
  2. Then with your carving knife in hand, CARVE TALISMAN until you see FINE DETAILS.
  3. You now have a completed a Fir Familiar talisman! Note: your familiar will be randomly chosen.
  4. You may redo the quest to obtain the other familiar types.

Additional Notes:

  • At the fir tree, you can pull off up to three pieces after which there is a 60 minute wait before you may pull more. Note that the wait period between bark collections is only counted down while ingame. Since there is no cost in coin, you may as well get as many pieces of bark as you want to help ensure you get the type of familiar you want.
  • Similarly, when you reach the old man in the temple, you can give him all the bark on you and walk out with a fir talisman for each.
  • You only need to open the wall once. You may revisit the area with more bark at a later time and go straight to the old man.
  • WARNING: Be careful about putting your hands in the third hole. If you do it incorrectly (the wrong hand, or the wrong item in your other hand), you'll come back with nothing but a stump, and won't be able to continue until you get it healed.

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