Fernwyk's Fish

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Fernwyk's Fish
Province Zoluren
Town Ilaya Taipa
Map Ranik's Map 112
Owner Fernwyk
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Fernwyk's Fish]
Wooden stands line the walls, supporting water-filled glass tanks. Some contain schools of silvery fish that wheel and dart in unison, others contain a single jewel-toned specimen against a backdrop of swaying water grass. You also see a glass-topped wrought-iron table with a plump copper-trimmed fishbowl on it.

on glass-topped wrought-iron table
Item Price Done
plump copper-trimmed fishbowl - golden-finned scarlet lionfish 3,125   
on wrought-iron stand
Item Price Done
shallow glass tank - coral-hued hermit crab 6,875   
shallow brass-rimmed tank - industrious black-whiskered catfish 6,875   
shallow enamel-edged tank - tiny marbled-shell turtle 6,875   !!
shallow curved-lip tank - miniature crimson-striped tortoise 6,875   
on wooden stand
Item Price Done
rectangular seaglass aquarium - miniature crimson-striped tortoise, swept-fin silver seraph fish, school of brightly colored tetras, bristle-nosed catfish 6,875