Farhana's Island Exquisites

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Farhana's Island Exquisites
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443
Owner Farhana
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Farhana's Island Exquisites, Sales Room]
Arched walls are hung with ivory gauze layered over pale rose silk, softening the light of the room and rippling with every breeze. Tall seagrass baskets filled with honeysuckle blossoms and curls of sandalwood and cinnamon bark are tucked in the corners, lending a light and spicy fragrance to the air. Big cushions covered with raw silk and edged with tiny golden bells are scattered near the merchandise racks, inviting shoppers to linger and choose.
You also see a tent flap leading out, a circular table with several things on it, a mahogany table with several things on it, a sandalwood table with several things on it and a sandal rack with a few things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the circular table
Item Price Done
royal blue silk tshoga trimmed with silver braid 37,500   
forest green damask tshoga lined with ivory crepe 37,500   
brilliant crimson brocade tshoga lined with canary yellow silk and closed with plaited satin cords 37,500   
flamboyant lava samite tshoga closed with elaborate gold frogs 7,625,000   
stylish firestorm velvet tshoga lined with black satin 10,062,500   
On the mahogany table
Item Price Done
pure white silk kamis accented with metallic embroidery 37,500   
finely pleated ivory cotton kamis with cobalt blue buttons 37,500   
pale blue batiste kamis embellished with delicate white topstitching 37,500   
simple nutmeg-brown jaalmin kamis with wide cuffs 4,375,000   
deep black Velakan linen kamis with ivory embroidery 2,500,000   
loose golden cambric kamis decorated with black silk embroidery 37,500   
On the sandalwood table
Item Price Done
pair of loose cream silk pantaloons seamed with chain-stitching 37,500   
pair of cobalt gauze pantaloons lined with goldweave 2,000,000   
pair of crimson muslin pantaloons trimmed with amber-hued glass beads 37,500   
pair of ebony cotton pantaloons trimmed with gold cord 37,500   
pair of silveress pantaloons embellished with tiny black ribbon flowers 8,750,000   
On the sandal rack
Item Price Done
pair of gilded leather sandals with tiny gold buckles 37,500   
pair of white cotton rope sandals with thick leather soles 37,500   
pair of gold-dyed snakeskin sandals with deep purple leather soles 37,500