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Festival Romancing the Seas
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Jaal Jeraya, Fantascals]
A whiff of sweet fragrance greets everyone who enters, drifting off the streams of flower necklaces that decorate an oval counter. Two wicker stools, a case, and a carved ivory hook on the wall show various merchandise for sale. Though small in stature, the young Halfling store clerks make themselves noticed with their bounding energy to help any customers who need it.
Obvious exits: none.
Ship paths: forward, starboard, forward to starboard.

On the oval counter
Item Price Done
braided silk ring in various shades of grey 750   
light suede choker displaying carved onyx beads 2,250   No
braided satin ring in dark shades of red 2,500   No
braided chain band interwoven with strands of yellow silk 11,875   No
necklace of twisted leather adorned with dried wildflowers 825   
braided velvet band with a tiny ivory rose 13,750   
braided leather band with tiny dangling silver daggers 1,125   No
On the wicker stool
Item Price Done
ivory slippers of soft satin trimmed in tiny seed pearls 15,000   No
glossy black shoes with bright red bows 6,675   No
delicate slippers of scarlet silk embroidered with ebony thread 15,000   No
bright yellow slippers glittering with bits of crystal 4,375   
azure silk slippers studded with gold beads 15,000   No
On the short stool
Item Price Done
knee-high boots of jet black leather adorned with fierce dragon medallions 25,000   
high-heeled boots of supple leather adorned with sparkling sapphire medallions 43,750   No
In the wicker case
Item Price Done
mauve silk scarf clasped with a gold brooch 16,500   No
bright yellow silk scarf clasped with a crystal brooch 5,625   No
ivory silk scarf trimmed in ornate beads 3,750   No
sapphire silk scarf clasped with a silver brooch 3,750   
black silk scarf clasped with an ebonwood brooch 3,750   No
scarlet silk scarf clasped with an onyx brooch 5,625   No
deep purple silk scarf trimmed with golden embroidery 5,625   No
On the ivory hook
Item Price Done
thin belt of leather interwoven with scarlet silk trimmed in golden embroidery 18,750   No
slender belt of leather interwoven with sapphire gossamer trimmed in silvery embroidery 15,000   No
deep azure belt of spidersilk interwoven with strands of gold beads 31,250   
ivory belt of braided gossamer interwoven with strands of tiny seed pearls 12,500   
diaphanous belt of woven yellow gossamer glittering with bits of crystal 6,250   No
braided belt of ebony silk interwoven with fragile silver chain links 5,625