Engine Room Roasting Pit (3)

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Engine Room Roasting Pit
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Below Deck, The Engine Hub]
Masses of membranous bulges and conduits run in a seemingly endless array across the walls and ceiling, pulsating and constricting in uneven intervals. Corridors lead off in every direction from this circular area. At its center stands a massive boiler tub, the nearby bin overflowing with charcoal for the fire.
You also see some heavily laden tomiek buffets with a few things on it, a carved atulave bar with several things on it, a painted bucket, a brightly painted oil drum covered in spun glitter webs with several things on it, a coal bin and an etched metal sign.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest.

An etched metal sign reads:

An etched metal sign reads:

First, make sure the tub is filled with charcoal.
   Second, LIGHT the tub after you've PUT some charcoal inside.
Third, PUT your food on the stick.
   Finally, WAVE your food to start your toasting!

                       ~~~ ENJOY! ~~~
  • Note, seems buggy, waving food keeps saying fire needs lit, even if it is.
In the rusting bucket
Item Price Done
long roasting stick 3   
short roasting stick 3   
curved roasting stick 3   
In the coal bin
Item Price Done
chunks of charcoal 0   
On the oil drum
Item Price Done
spread of colorful peppers 0   
bowl of ripe tomatoes 0   
dish of large mushrooms 0   
tray of seasoned chicken 0   
platter of marinated beef 0   
saucer of jumbo shrimp 0   
plate of pork sausages 0   
bag of plump marshmallows 0   
On the tray (on the buffet)
Item Price Done
a platter of root vegetable tartlets shaped like smiling jack-o-lanterns 0   
some fresh figs layed out in an arachnid pattern 0   
a tray of blackened red peppers in the shape of rearing centaurs 0   
a plate of triple-layered vegetable puffs embellished with salty shrike-shaped shallots 0   
a dish of fluffy spinach souffle decorated with dove-shaped wedges of tomato 0   
a pan of fat salmon dumplings pinched into cat faces with scallion whiskers 0   
a bowl of sweet and sour Welkin's Wish soup colored with purple orchid petals 0   
a plate of fried unyn legs 0   
On the entree station (on the buffet)
Item Price Done
a roasted sand spider spinneret on a bed of green chili noodles 0   
a large grilled arachnid heart stuffed with a melange of soft cheese and herbs 0   
some steamed blade spider legs drenched with a rich butter sauce 0   
a pot of rotisserie-roasted wrens dressed with sliced apple and purple grapes 0   
a massive roast beast seared with the image of a mongoose battling a weasel 0   
a rack of curried serpent kabobs featuring chunks of cobra and adder meat 0   
a succulent tenderloin of wild boar 0   
a bowl of pasta tossed with truffle cream and bits of grilled butternut squash 0   
On the dessert caddy (on the buffet)
Item Price Done
a plate of blood-orange filled cupcakes iced in buttercream and lavishly sprinkled with slivered pecans 0   
some crunchy caramelized spider cookies 0   
a bowl of miniature chocolate skulls with colorful spun-sugar accents 0   
some candied nightstalker spinnerets 0   
a tray of delicate candied spiderwebs 0   
a skull-etched crystal bowl filled with chilled sweet pumpkin cream 0   
a blackberry and currant trifle 0   
a jar of spice-pickled peaches 0   
On the atulave bar
Item Price Done
a shimmering array of itty bitty shot glasses filled with an incandescent orange liquid 0   
a tall bottle of glowing green absinthe 0   
a heavy pewter kettle of warm apple cider 0   
a gleaming silver tub of effervescing orange liquid 0   
a crackled glass bowl of sparkling elderberry melomel 0