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Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime

You see Sister Enalen, an Elven Cleric.
She has pointed ears, limpid blue-grey eyes and a small nose. Her white hair is long and fine, and is worn pulled back in a loose ponytail bound with a blue silk ribbon embroidered with purple jadice flowers. She has copper skin and a slender figure.
She is short for an Elf.
She is young for an Elf.

She is wearing a blue silk ribbon embroidered with purple jadice flowers, a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, a white gold pendant with an etched star sapphire set into a mirrored backing, a ghostly white jackal, a bone white cotton haversack embroidered with cherry blossoms, a belted kidskin baldric tooled with sinuous maiden's tress vines, an oilcloth rucksack, a pale blue Elven silk dress overlaid with frost-white lace, a darkened steel arm knife with a silk-wrapped handle, a simple pewter bracelet, a blackened steel hip chain dangling with tiny cambrinth jackals and an Elven silver anklet.

Currently resides in and is a citizen of Zoluren with a little house in Chelsea Overlook. She is a ward of Sir Erieck Gotsby, Court Historian of Therengia.


Born at sea in 379, Enalen enjoyed a normal, happy River Elf existence onboard her family's ship until the age of 12. It was then that an unfortunate episode of childhood idiocy resulted in her being knocked overboard during a raging storm. By some miracle, or a bit of Immortal intervention, she survived the ordeal and washed up on Zoluren shores near Arthe Dale a few days later - alive, if only barely. A local halfling cleric found the elf child and cared for her like family until his death in 412. This is how the little village became her favored refuge, and why it was only natural for her to take the pledge as a Sister and officially join the Guild after his passing.

Having lived in Zoluren for a little over 30 years now, she's witnessed much of the worst it's had to offer, and very little of the good. So she keeps to herself, helping here and there, wondering all the while if there's still hope for this corner of the realm.

Meanwhile only faded memories remain of her family: a larger-than-life merchant vessel, a sandy haired father, a mother with warm amber eyes, and an older sister's voice laced with thunder as she cried out in alarm on that fateful night, too late to change anything.


A full blooded river elf, Enalen is shorter than others of her race, standing just under the average height of a human man at 5'4". Possibly due to trauma, her hair is unusually pale for her kin, and she has a small collection of hair ribbons to keep these long, unruly locks out of her face. Shades of blue and white are her favorite colors and she incorporates them into her little, if slowly expanding, wardrobe. She has even been known to wear shoes. On occasion.


Somewhat reserved, Enalen posesses a mild temper and is slow to show her anger and frustration. This temperance is probably her greatest strength. Whether by virtue of her river elf blood, clerical upbringing or a combination of the two, she avoids petulant displays of arrogance and anger and is more likely to try to mediate or ignore a feud alltogether than take a side. As for where her loyalties in particular lie, it's hard to say. With no interest in politics, and no love for war, she's unlikely to engage in either unprovoked. And while she'd never knowingly endanger or betray him, it's very unlikely she'd throw herself between danger and the Prince. Mostly because she'd probably already be hiding behind him.

That's because Enalen has a deep-seated fear of death. Her childhood brush with briney demise did not leave her unscathed, and though she doesn't even realize it, it's this fear that motivates just about everything she does. When her clerical studies introduced her to Eylhaar, her focus shifted from the familiar lady of the seas to this light aspect of Urrem'tier. She understands more than most that what lives must die and, selfishly, she wants hers to come without suffering. For one as naturally long-lived as the elves, it seems unlikely thing.

Having visited the Void and gained the sacred power of resurrection, Enalen's unbecomming attitude towards death rarely presents itself as quickly as it once did and she manages to go about most days content and at peace. She loves to swim and lingers around Arthe Dale's swimming hole when she's not training or cleaning altars. She can even be found walking along the Crossing's boardwalks every now and then. Though it changed her life forever and lies at the heart of her greatest terror, the sea still beckons her like the call of family long lost. She gives it a respectful distance, but she can't quite resist it's pull.

Since becoming the Historian's ward, natural curiosity and her time spent in his care have awakened in Enalen a certain fascination with human bloodlines - particularly ones that span centuries and survive into the present. Chief among those is that of House Theren. She is ever eager to learn new things about these Therens, and any human family that has somehow managed a sort of immortality to spite their brief individual existences.


Located at Lane's End in Chelsea Overlook, just south of the Segoltha Ferry is an oak-shingled brown brick house with a fragrant magnolia tree growing in front.

Inside: A mild scent of cooling tarts fills this small room. Its rug-covered polished riverstone floor supports a pencil-post cherry canopy bed and a low sandalwood table, and the area is enclosed by walls of polished oak. A circular riverstone firepit burns near the far wall with a fine oil portrait of Baron Gyfford Theren hanging above it. You also see a long-haired grey kitten, an iron-trimmed oak door, a grey-cushion rattan basket chair that is facing the firepit, a grey-cushion rattan basket chair that is facing the firepit, a buffed black oak weapon rack, a lined leather trunk and a sturdy carved black oak armor stand.
Obvious exits: none.

A brave and fierce kitten keeps the little house safe from miscreants and malcontents. His name is Soot.
Blue-violet eyes look up at you from the grey kitten's pug-nosed face. While lacking the plush fur of the adult, his deep grey coat still shows signs of its future glory, about a thumb's length with a slight wave. His nose and his tufted ears are pink, and his paws are tipped with white with an extra claw on each front foot.

Trivia and Timeline

  • 422, Skullcleaver : With the aid of several friends, Enalen entered the Void and learned Resurrection. On the same day, she stood in the presence of a whole handful of Therengian nobility, including Baron Gyfford! Rawr.
  • 422, Moliko : Befriended Iekika, a strange and secretive moon mage who is nothing but trouble.
  • 422, Arhat  : Befriended Soot, a noble and fierce kitten.
  • 422, Lirisa : Become a ward of the Historian, Sir Erieck Gotsby of Therengia.

The Halfling that took her in was Father Whillim Whillimson, son of Whillim Whillimson, etc.
Her family's ship is named the Queen's Bounty and is still out there. Somewhere.
Timeline reference: She was born the same year the Outcast occupation ended in Shard.
Timeline reference: And she washed up in Arthe Dale the same year Inavia and Belirendrick IV were born.

Profile Info

RP Stance: Heavy
PvP Stance: Closed
AIM: ClericEnalen