Empath Guildhall (Ratha)

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This Empath Guildhall is found in Ratha in the NE part of the third tier, two rooms northeast from Ssivo's Migi Shagamat. The guildleader, who splits his time between Aesry and Ratha, is Alris. In addition to guild services, there is an herb garden to forage in, and a library.

The Ratha Empath Guild Crest:

An open hand reaching out to provide comfort, the palm cradling nine golden stars.


[Empaths' Guild, Verandah]
A wide verandah with a canopy of honeysuckle and grape vines runs the full length of the building. Above the doorway leading into the building, the greeting "Welcome to the Empath Guild of Ratha" is formed in blue and gold-colored tiles. Overhead, a candle-lit chandelier casts a warm, welcoming glow. You also see a brass plaque, a donation box and the street.
Obvious exits: east, west.
Mapped exits: go doorway, go street

read plaque:

In appreciation for the aid they have rendered in the 
  past and will render in the future, this building and
  the land on which it stands is conferred upon the 
  Empaths of Ratha.
        May Hodierna guide their healing hands!
               Warlord Danzigis Avrantil
       Archmage Mrillis & Justicar Briisti Vrumi
                Merchant Prince Rhhnari

[Empaths' Guild, East Verandah]
The sweet scent of flowers fills the eastern end of the verandah. A candle-lit brass chandelier casts a warm glow illuminating the mosaic on the inner wall. Mounds of colorful canvas cushions have been set out as seating.
Obvious exits: west.

  • Picked in this room are:
* yellow honeysuckle
* white honeysuckle
* crimson honeysuckle

[Empaths' Guild, West Verandah]
Lush vines laden with grapes block the sights and sounds of the street outside the guild. Padded benches, tucked into the corners at this end of the verandah, provide comfortable seating for guild visitors. A candle-lit chandelier illuminates the room.
Obvious exits: east

Central Corridor

[Empaths' Guild, Central Corridor]
The long corridor serves as little more than a passageway to get from room to room and front to back of the guild hall. Except for occasional scuff and gouge marks from careless visitors, the plaster walls are undecorated.
You also see a renown scroll, some stairs, an archway, a wooden door and a brass stand.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, northwest, out.

read parchment:

Beautiful calligraphy decorates the top of the piece of parchment: "If you desire to know when Guildleader Alris Burdlefoot moves between islands, simply TAP the parchment.  If you no longer wish to receive notice, you may RUB your name away."

Work Room

[Empaths' Guild, Work Room]
Several long work tables have been pushed against the walls to open up space in the center of the room, where a dozen or so chairs form a loose semi-circle facing the chalkboard on the outer wall. Life-size drawings of the major races are tacked in front covering most of the chalkboard. The remaining board space contains a list of the common body parts.
Obvious exits: east


[Empaths' Guild, Library]
Mostly empty shelves line the walls of the Empath Library, but there are multiple copies of the books that are here. Several leather reading chairs and some over-stuffed cloth-covered chairs are scattered about the room, each placed close enough to a window or lamp to give a reader sufficient light.
Obvious exits: west

Store Room

[Empaths' Guild, Store Room]
Rows of mostly barren wooden shelves fill the room, the few that are full contain empty jars and glass bottles. Rounds of hard cheese, several braids of onions, and a string of sausages hang from ceiling hooks. You also see a large cupboard.
Obvious exits: southwest

Empty Guild office

[Empaths' Guild, Empty Guild office]
Sketches and drawings of herbs, flowers, and arcane alchemical equipment cover the walls of the guild office. Bundles of jadice, rosemary, and lavender hang from overhead drying racks. Pots of yelith and miniature roses sit on a bench in front of a window overlooking the garden. You also see a work table with the parts of a Wayerd pyramid on it and a large ironwood desk.
Obvious exits: southeast

Meeting Room

[Empaths' Guild, Meeting Room]
The upper floor of the guild consists of a single large room lined with windows. A motley collection of well-used wooden benches is scattered about the room in loose groups. At one end, several smaller tables have been pushed together to form a large conference table. Although painted and furnished, the room still looks vaguely unfinished. You also see some stairs.
Obvious paths: None.
Mapped exits: climb stairs

Patio & Herb Garden

[Empaths' Guild, Main Patio]
The crest of the Empaths' Guild has been skillfully recreated in broken tiles to pave the patio at the back of the Guild. Carved limestone benches interspersed with young potted palms line the rim of the circular patio. Behind them, crimson and orange daylilies dance happily in the breeze. To the west beyond a wrought iron gate lies the Guild Leader's herb garden. You also see a grassy clearing, a smaller covered patio and a back entrance into the Empath Guild.
Obvious paths: None.
Mapped Exits: go back entrance, go iron gate, go grassy clearing, go covered patio

[Empaths' Guild, Herb Garden]
Small paths trace through the naturalized herb garden giving limited access to all the plants. The sweet, heady perfume of moonflowers fills the air. Practically invisible during the day, at night they bloom a pale silvery-white on the vine-covered wrought iron fence that surrounds the garden. In the glow from the patio and the guild house windows, only the vague shapes of the other plants can be seen. You also see a wrought iron gate.
Obvious paths: north
Mapped exits: go wrought gate

[Empaths' Guild, Grassy Clearing]
At first glance the clearing appears to be covered with short grass, but each footstep releases citrus and pineapple scents. Lemon thyme and low-growing chamomile have been planted along with the grass to form a slightly springy herbal carpet. Their small yellow and white flowers are strewn among the deep green grass like stars across the sky. You also see a covered patio and a fenced garden.
Obvious paths: south
Mapped exits: go fenced garden, go covered patio

[Empaths' Guild, Covered Patio]
Although the framework is complete, only part of the slats for the patio cover have been installed. At the far end of the patio, workmen have carelessly left bundles of the slats and several stacks of tiles uncovered. A young grapevine has been staked and tied to climb one of the outer support posts. In a few years, it may cover the patio and provide shade and shelter, but for now it looks abandoned in a forgotten corner of the guild. You also see a grassy clearing and a trash can.
Obvious paths: west
Mapped exits: go grassy clearing