Elpalzi Tactics

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The Elpalzi renegades under Alret fight as an organized military force. Their operations are characterized by a few primary tactics which make their incursions particularly dangerous. They are assisted by Elpalzi Assassins.

Arrow Volleys

Elpalzi favor raining down arrows in crowded areas before marching in after. This can cause fatal wounds on those who are unfortunate enough to be caught in the rain of arrows.


Elpalzi have access to concussion bombs. These are usually tied to birds, squirrels, and other cute and perplexed animals, to be sent in to areas and detonate. This deals damage to the inner ear, rendering the victim deaf and bleeding internally. The force of the blast itself knocks them clear of the blast site, stunning them. Favored targets of the Elpalzi are open areas that people have congregated en masse in, to break up healing and resurrection groups. Adventurers should be on the watch at Triage locations. Being hit by these bombs reveals those who are hiding, as well.

Example messaging:
From the distance you hear 'Fly you stupid bird, fly!' shouted out in an unmistakably Elpalzi voice.
A bright green gidii wanders confusedly into view, before stopping and starting to shake violently and then exploding in a flurry of bright green feathers.
Raikage is suddenly revealed!
The sudden concussive blast sends Raikage hurtling east!
The sudden concussive blast sends Ponni hurtling west!
et cetera