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Wm thumb.jpgWarrior Mage Guild
Elemental domain
Requirements: None
Difficulty: Advanced
Type / Skill: area of effect, other / summoning
Description: Warrior Mages are able to slightly alter the physics of the room they are in by tapping into the elemental planes. The primary use of an elemental domain currently is to have an easier time maintaining your charge level through casting alone, enabling more freedom with the use of aethereal pathways.
Effect: Alter charge gain/loss and environmental difficulty modifiers for casting elemental spells
Messaging: SUMMON <element> DOMAIN:
You make yourself comfortable and turn your attention inward.
Drawing down extraplanar laws, you attempt to create an <elememt> domain spanning the area.
Discharging a burst of elemental power in the esoteric "direction" of the Elemental Plane of <Element>, you carefully draw down subtle lines of power across the Void.
The strands anchor themselves to the ground, infusing the area with an additional, subordinate set of physical laws that make [<element> magic|<secret element>] easier.

You sense the physics of the local area are being modified by an <element> domain. (Standard elements)
You sense an elemental domain in the local area, but it doesn't seem to be of any specific element! The feeling leaves you sick to your stomach. (Secret element)

Suddenly the area feels somehow more... stable, in some vaguely felt way.(Aether)
The air around you feels somehow thicker, slightly harder to breathe. (Air)
Strangely, everything feels a tiny bit heavier. (Earth)
A barely felt zap of static electricity accompanies your meditation. (Electricity)
You feel a sudden tingle of heat in your palms.(Fire)
The humidity in the area noticeably increases.(Water)
A painful ripping sensation erupts through your abdomen! You seem unharmed, but something terribly... wrong just happened. (Secret element)

A strange sense passes through you. Afterward, the area feels somehow more... normal than it did a moment ago.


  • It doubles your charge gain from casting spells when you are aligned to this element.
  • It doubles your charge cost from casting spells if you are opposed to this element.
  • It overwrites environmental modifiers to spell difficulty for a spell E.g. If casting Rising Mists in the middle of a desert in the summer with a water domain present then it will lose the seasonal and locational penalty associated with it.
  • Note: It will only overwrite environmental modifiers and not allow spells to be cast in areas they cannot normally be cast in. E.g. Casting Fire Shards underwater or Lightning Bolt underground will still not function.
  • There is at least one easter-egg element available that is not one of the traditional six.
  • It is possible to change domains.
  • There's a small random element to your effective Summoning score. If your effective Summoning isn't higher than the effective Summoning used to create a domain, you can't change it.
  • Your elemental alignment modifies the difficulty of summoning a domain of that element. Extreme amounts of Stamina will allow for summoning a domain of an element you are opposed to.[1]
  • Summoning an domain of your aligned element requires 200 ranks of summoning skill, although because of the small randomness to the skill check it can achieved with slightly less than that with perseverance.


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