Elanthian Travel Tours (Shard)

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Elanthian Travel Tours
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67e
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Trinket shops, Clothing shops, Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Elanthian Travel Tours, Gift Shop]
A crystal chandelier, hanging in the center of the room, tinkles softly in the breeze from the open door. Built to scale, a panorama of the city of Shard is encased in a glass display in the center of the room. Trinkets are strategically located to show them at their best on each tower. A heavily burdened table and stand huddle in opposite corners of the room. You also see a marble counter with some stuff on it and a refreshment cart with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

This shop is part of a collection of shops around Elanthia. This is the Shard branch. For the list of shops, see Elanthian Travel Tours

*Note: This shop remains open at night

On the table
Item Price Done
cotton sack embroidered with an eagle carrying a banner in its talons 902   !!
silver bracelet with an eagle charm dangling from the clasp 8,929   !!
throwing dagger with a handle shaped like Shard's Great Tower 2,255   
White basket on the table
Item Price Done
beer-stained Guildleader Macfrae doll 1,353   !!
finely-dressed plaid Malik doll 1,353   !!
stiff Guildleader T'Kiel doll 1,353   !!
silk-dressed Ferdahl Kukalakai doll 1,353   !!
purple-dressed Guildleader K'miriel doll 1,353   !!
fluffy Guildleader Sothavi doll 1,353   No
regal Guildleader Snow doll 1,353   !!
noble Guildleader Cialen doll 1,353   !!
fuzzy Akhaal horse doll 1,353   !!
Black basket the table
Item Price Done
colorful snowbeast doll 451   No
fluffy thug doll with button eyes 451   No
blue blade spider doll 451   No
purple plaid vykathi reaper doll 451   No
blue and brown paisley jackal doll 451   No
green plaid boggle doll 451   No
black Waslen doll 1,353   No
sickly yellow Archrost doll 1,353   !!
pink polka-dotted Xerasyth doll 1,353   No
On the stand
Item Price Done
sapphire-blue badge stitched with "Want to buy a bridge?" 902   No
ruby red badge stitched with "A trip to Shard and all I got was a lousy badge!" 902   No
pearl-white badge stitched with "Property of Undershard" 902   No
smooth cotton shirt with "Spoiled in Shard" in large gold letters 902   No
slightly torn shirt with "I got bugged in the Hive" in black lettering 902   No
coarse brown shirt with "I vanquished Corik's Wall" in red letters 902   No
On the marble counter
Item Price Done
silver-tinted crystal globe with the Tower of Honor inside 13,530   No
forest-green tinted crystal globe with the Tower of Greenwalls inside 13,530   !!
sea-blue tinted crystal globe with Brickwell Tower inside 13,530   No
amber-tinted crystal globe with Stormwill Tower inside 13,530   
frosted crystal globe with the Great Tower inside 13,530   !!
In the display case
Item Price Done
crystal thimble in the shape of the Great Tower 902   !!
ceramic thimble with a portrait of Kukalakai 541   !!
silver spoon with a cut-out handle that dangles a gondola charm 1,082   !!
crystal-handled spoon painted with purple lotus blossoms 1,894   !!
platinum spoon with a handle shaped like the Great Tower 108,240   !!
ceramic shot glass inlaid with a golden phoenix 4,510   !!
tall and narrow crystal shot glass etched with "Milene's Rose" 451   !!
On the refreshment cart
Item Price Done
dark platter filled with honey rock candy 0   !!
engraved silver bowl filled with milk chocolate lotus petals 0   !!
bridge-shaped cookie jar filled with chocolate lace cookies 0   !!
ivory platter filled with wintergreen rock candy 0   !!
silver platter covered with a layer of champagne truffles 0   !!
decanter of sweet pear cordial 0   !!