Edword's Accoutrements (2)

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Edword's Accoutrements
Event Shard Liberation Festival
Owner Edword
# of Rooms 6
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops, Clothing shops, Shield shops
This store only accepts Dokoras


[Edword's Accoutrements, Entryway]
It undoubtedly requires an inordinate amount of time to erect this grand tent, but it would seem the proprietor desires his elite patrons enjoy every conceivable comfort. The walls are lined ceiling to floor with generous jewel-toned draperies gathered in deep folds and trimmed with extravagant golden fringe. Carved mahogany archways mark entrances to various display rooms. A dashing painted wooden swordsman gestures to a small sign displayed atop a baroque gilded table. You also see an expansive area rug woven with a map of the known world, an oversized leather wing chair, and a carved mahogany archway leading outside.
Obvious exits: north, east, west.

A small sign reads:
We humbly offer a fine selection of protective garments, weaponry, clothing and accessories for the distinguished warrior.
Gentlemen and their ladies are invited to peruse our shop at their leisure and enjoy the complimentary libations. However,
appropriate decorum (dress, speech, deportment and so forth) is earnestly requested. Master Edword has been known to craft
special renditions of his wares for those he observes to be genteel of dress and engaging of word. 
an expansive area rug woven with a map of the known world:
Countless vibrant threads weave a rich, sculpted image of the realms.
From the snow-laden peaks of the Spine, to the lush forests of Zoluren, the murky swamps of the Zaulfung
and the barren wastes of the northlands, each bustling city and forbidding wilderness is rendered in amazing detail.
The surface and edges of the rug seem to writhe and change, constantly growing and transforming.


[Edword's Accoutrements, Parlor]
Lavish rugs strewn about the floor deaden the sound of footfalls and mute the banter of conversation. A decorative suit of tournament armor, leaning on its sword, stoically guards a plush velvet curtain leading to the inner rooms of the tent. A series of draped arches runs along the west wall, opposite an official-looking document in an ostentatious gold frame hanging above an ample leather couch and a heavy mahogany table.
Obvious exits: south.

The document is penned in flowing black script.
In the lower right corner it bears a royal blue seal depicting a black tower beneath a seven-pointed gold star.

BE IT KNOWN that his Lord's own ministers have this date confirmed the hereditary claims of Master Edword Lasa'Thalger
and Zindu Lasa'Thalger as descendants by blood of the ancient and heroic personage Akroeg The Ram. All right, title and
privilege appurtenant thereto shall be afforded Master Lasa'Thalger and his house. Signed, sealed and delivered this
321st year, the sixty-eighth day, A.V. His Lordship, the Baron of Therengia.

Artful Accessories

[Edword's Accoutrements, Artful Accessories]
Silk trees, flowering plants and a carpet woven to resemble a stone path meandering through the room provide the illusion of a courtyard garden. Quiet gentility marks the manner of the patrons who stroll about carefully inspecting the latest fashionable offerings. Near a garden gate, a mason work bench sits within a sprawling white trellis before a low garden wall while a row of stone-painted wooden arches closed off by gathered draperies sits on the opposite side of the stone path. You also see a granite statue poised near the wooden arches with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the mahogany table
Item Price Done
a crystal decanter of Baron's Mark Brandy 0   No
On the mason work bench
Item Price Done
belted leather baldric 3,211   !!
indigo belted leather baldric fitted with a burnished silver crescent moon buckle 11,118   !!
mahogany brown belted leather baldric accented with a fire-gilded lion's head buckle 8,839   !!
rich sable belted leather baldric embellished with ornate bronze studs and fittings 9,236   !!
belted leather baldric adorned with an antiqued silver ram's head buckle 6,314   !!
belted viper-skin baldric fastened with a chiseled iron dragon buckle 11,029   !!
brightwork greatsword scabbard with a fire-gilded king snake wrapped down its length 15,954   !!
On the white trellis
Item Price Done
libation caddy with an embroidered flap 3,224   !!
crimson libation caddy with an embroidered flap 4,842   !!
hunter green libation caddy with an embroidered flap 4,842   !!
dark gold libation caddy with an embroidered flap 4,842   !!
dusty blue libation caddy with an embroidered flap 4,842   !!
On the garden wall
Item Price Done
jet black boots with pointed steel toecaps damascened in gold and silver 8,066   No
supple amber-hued leather boots embossed with white dragons 5,993   No
lush green leather boots embroidered with intertwining morah vines 5,993   No
golden viper-skin boots embroidered with rampant black dragons 7,791   !!
dark viper-skin boots inlaid with rampant gold dragons 16,091   !!
sable polished leather boots with chased gold toecaps 14,792   No
deep ebony leather boots with engraved silver toe caps 8,118   !!
dashing sable leather thigh boots with wide cuffs 3,453   !!
supple mahogany brown leather thigh boots with wide cuffs 3,453   No
On the granite statue
Item Price Done
double-wrapped leather sword belt tooled with rampaging wild boars 2,164   !!
double-wrapped leather sword belt tooled with wandering rose vines 2,164   !!
double-wrapped leather sword belt stamped and painted with proud golden lions 2,164   !!
double-wrapped leather sword belt stamped and painted with dancing gypsy marauders 2,164   !!
double-wrapped leather sword belt embossed with howling blood wolves 2,164   !!
double-wrapped leather sword belt embossed with charging thunder rams 2,164   !!
wide tooled-leather belt with a burnished silver raven's head buckle 3,066   No
deep sable three-forked sword belt with brass buckles and fittings 2,164   !!
black leather split-strap sword belt with silver inlays 3,066   

Weapons of Elegance

[Edword's Accoutrements, Weapons of Elegance]
Brightly colored canvas facades give the impression of a teeming marketplace in some distant, exotic city. Painted backdrops covering the walls depict a ring of opulent palaces just beyond the market square. In the distance, a sinuous ivory-hued tower rises from the center of the city, reaching for the clouds. A wrought-iron stand hold rests near a merchant's display that is positioned in one corner, offering blades of many types. You also see a colorful pole-arms rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north, west.

On the wrought-iron stand
Item Price Done
dark talon blade 90,200   
On the merchant's display
Item Price Done
watered-steel longsword with a gilded crossguard 59,532   !!!!
onyx-pommeled foil embellished with gold scrollwork 173,860   !!!!
gleaming ring-hilted rapier 35,888   !!!!
gold-inlaid shamshir with a spiral-carved bone grip 180,887   !!!!
basket-hilted sword rapier 180,887   
blued-steel schiavona with a brass basket hilt 265,188   !!!!
watered-steel short sword with a distal-tapered blade 43,296   !!!!
watered-steel throwing dagger 114,136   
On the pole-arms rack
Item Price Done
darkened pole-axe 81,180   !!!!
silvered glaive with wrought-iron dragon langets 70,383   !!!!
bat-winged corsesca 37,505   !!
ironwood sarissa with an embossed bronze grip (1) 61,743   
ornate crescent-bladed bardiche 34,460   
steel-tipped pilum with a leather-wrapped deobar shaft 16,632   !!!!
balanced boar spear chiseled with rampaging centaurs 31,457   
eagle-winged bronze spear 12,055   !!!!
ash-hafted partisan etched with silvered unicorns 46,941   !!!!
fire-gilded spear tethered with a dark blue pennon 48,484   !!!!
processional partisan adorned with bejeweled king snakes 125,848   !!!!
lion-engraved spear with a polished ebony shaft 38,244   !!!!

Dashing Defenses

[Edword's Accoutrements, Dashing Defenses]
This elaborate display area has been constructed to appear like a crowded street before a palace gate. In the center of the room, two armor-clad foes are locked in mortal combat. A dark ironwood knight lifts his weapon overhead, preparing to cleave a peerless gnarled oak paladin. Other wooden figures stand nearby observing the contest. You also see a festooned merchant's cart with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the dark ironwood knight
Item Price Done
darkened steel gauntlets with spiked knuckle guards and serrated cuffs 5,783   !!
spiked war plate with a midnight black finish 263,835   !!
midnight black great helm with twisted horns protruding from the sides 13,462   
massive polished black round shield with a silvered skull boss 45,100   !!
On the gnarled oak paladin
Item Price Done
burnished great helm adorned with silvered ram horns 16,912   No
gleaming battle plate embellished with elaborate chasing 332,612   No
massive round shield embossed with a gilded goshawk 45,100   No
gleaming segmented-steel gauntlets 5,412   No

Poised near the combatants, other mannequins bear various costumes for purchase, including ones that look like a marauder, swashbuckler, swordsman, warrior, minstrel, and squire.

On the mahogany marauder
Item Price Done
blued-steel sallet with gilded wings 17,724   !!
burnished silver scale mail with a polished bronze mantle 270,600   No
gilded mail gauntlets with fluted steel elbow cuffs 4,510   No
On the swashbuckler
Item Price Done
brass-studded leather dueling gauntlets with gilt-edged tooling on the cuffs 4,284   !!
ruffled white cravat 4,510   !!
pair of hardened-leather boots with silvered knee guards 28,864   No
double-breasted reinforced leather doublet with brass buttons and a peplum waistline 43,837   No
On the deobar swordsman
Item Price Done
dark augmented mail fitted with ornate gilded pauldrons 288,640   No
watered-steel sallet with a gilded dragon mask glaring down from the brow 27,398   
dark chain gauntlets with spiked golden knuckle guards 8,118   
On the lunat warrior
Item Price Done
black scale gauntlets with ornamental silvered talons extending from the fingertips 7,576   
darkened chain balaclava adorned with an iron dragon circlet 9,944   !!
heavy red leather mantle embroidered with writhing dragons 180,400   No
On the rosewood minstrel
Item Price Done
gold-buttoned purple satin jupon embroidered with golden musical notes 174,915   No
silvered chain balaclava crested with a rose-tinted copper phoenix rising from a fiery blaze 20,010   !!!!
silvered chain gauntlets engraved on each cuff with a lute cradled in the talons of a phoenix 4,473   No
silvered rondache emblazoned with copper flames 15,424   No
On the heartwood squire
Item Price Done
lustrous blued-steel sallet accented with gilded foliate scrollwork 25,774   !!!!
scarlet pageant shield emblazoned with a silvered rearing steed 20,295   No
lustrous blued field plate etched and gilded with foliate strapwork bands 148,830   !!!!
lustrous blued-steel mitten gauntlets with gilded foliate scrollwork etched on the cuffs 12,312   !!!!
On the merchant's cart
Item Price Done
stiff leather cavalier hat with a deep burgundy braid 270   !!
deep green leather cavalier hat with a long chocolate brown plume 270   !!
brown leather cavalier hat with a long purple-tipped white plume 270   No
black leather cavalier hat with a striped eagle feather plume 270   !!
white leather cavalier hat with a twined black and white braid 270   No

Gallant Garments

[Edword's Accoutrements, Gallant Garments]
Faux marble flooring and muslin-covered columns suggest a reception hall, complete with laden banquet table. High above, a silver chandelier sways slightly, shedding droplets of light across the display poles and a gilded wall display. Guests browse the selections offered on a mahogany breakfront and matching valet, while a full-length cheval glass offers patrons the opportunity to inspect their appearance. Those weary of waiting can rest on mahogany chairs that sit before a large hanging tapestry. You also see a wrought-iron cloak rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north, east.

On the display pole
Item Price Done
flowing purple paludamentum embroidered with gold scrollwork 29,766   !!
flowing forest green paludamentum fastened with an ornate emerald-set gold clasp 38,605   !!
flowing crimson paludamentum fastened with a pierced-gold chain clasp 26,428   !!
flowing ebony paludamentum fastened with a platinum clasp 72,611   !!
flowing cerulean blue paludamentum trimmed with silvered laurel leaves 28,097   !!
flowing white paludamentum trimmed with black vines 22,324   !!
flowing golden paludamentum with an ornate sapphire and wrought-iron clasp 25,256   !!
A regal sign reads:
These fine paludmentums, or cloaks for the nobleman warrior, are specially designed for regal manipulation. The wearer might consider trying the following maneuvers with his garment: push, roll, kick, nudge, pull, poke, touch and throw."
On the display pole
Item Price Done
black velvet cyclas with golden satin lining and matching braided trim 14,071   !!
royal blue velvet cyclas with red satin lining and golden braided trim 14,071   !!
storm grey woolen cyclas lined with ivory-hued satin and trimmed with heavy gold brocade 18,671   !!
deep green rich velvet cyclas with golden satin lining and matching braided trim 14,071   !!
rich red surcoat emblazoned with a rampant black wolf 8,219   !!
royal blue suede surcoat emblazoned with a black tower beneath a seven-pointed gold star 9,132   !!
pristine white surcoat emblazoned with a heraldic gold lion 8,659   !!
voluminous black surcoat embroidered with writhing dragons 10,147   !!
thick green wool surcoat emblazoned with a charging silver ram 6,765   !!
On the wall display
Item Price Done
ocean blue surcoat with silver dolphins leaping across the breast 4,636   !!
fiery red surcoat emblazoned with a glittering gold sunburst 6,990   !!
rich brown suede surcoat riveted with fire-gilded studs 10,066   !!
brilliant green surcoat adorned with golden fleurs-de-lis 8,118   !!
pristine white surcoat embroidered with a warrior maiden singing to a sleeping dragon 9,673   !!
royal purple surcoat of thick velvet embellished with a rampant gold lion and matching brocade trim 11,726   !!
handsome sable surcoat adorned with decorative silver quatrefoils and matching brocade trim 11,726   !!
gallant golden surcoat embroidered in blued-steel thread with a proud thunder ram 8,118   !!
azure surcoat emblazoned with a silver-horned golden unicorn 10,147   
On the mahogany breakfront
Item Price Done
dashing black dueling shirt with a shadow-lace ruffled neckline 6,133   !!
gallant white dueling shirt with a picot lace ruffled neckline 6,133   !!
storm grey leine embroidered with proud silver-horned golden rams 8,118   !!
finely woven crisp white shirt with pleated ruffs on the collar and cuffs 2,841   !!
comfortable rough-spun leine with billowing sleeves 4,888   !!
soft white leine with scintillating prismatic dragons curling down its billowing sleeves 12,492   !!
cerulean blue swordsman's shirt with golden foliate embroidery on the cuffs 7,915   !!
deep crimson swordsman's shirt laced at the neck with a woven silver cord 5,141   !!
silvery grey swordsman's shirt with full sleeves and laced cuffs 6,088   !!
handsome linen shirt with a gypsy knotwork embellished yoke 3,066   !!
On the mahogany valet
Item Price Done
pleated grey wool breeches cross-gartered from ankle to knee 1,353   !!
pleated deep green wool breeches cross-gartered from ankle to knee 2,029   !!
white wool breeches with embossed copper buttons 1,381   DG
black dueling pants with an embroidered silver dragon coiling up the right leg 7,441   !!
burgundy dueling pants embroidered in gold with wandering vines around the waist and cuffs 7,441   !!
supple sable lambskin dueling pants with golden vipers embroidered along the seams 7,441   
rich brown lambskin fencing pants with ornate gold buttons 6,607   !!
supple lambskin fencing pants with ornate gold buttons 5,412   !!
heavy black woolen pants that hang in loose folds 821   !!
On the cloak rack
Item Price Done
An informative sign reads:

These fine greatcloaks are specially designed for dashing manipulation by the gentleman warrior. The wearer might consider trying the following maneuvers with his greatcloak: push, wave, roll, turn, kick, nudge, pull, punch, yank, hug, rub, poke and throw.

royal blue greatcloak with a braided gold fourragere draped over the left shoulder 17,047   !!
sweeping golden greatcloak trimmed with intricate cerulean blue gypsy knotwork 45,100   !!
deep red ermine-trimmed greatcloak with a silver-studded black leather mantle 31,930   !!
golden fleece greatcloak fastened with a wrought-iron chain clasp damascened in gold and silver 45,100   !!
swirling sable greatcloak with an intricate pierced-gold chain clasp 34,907   !!
sweeping cerulean blue greatcloak edged with golden gypsy knotwork 28,277   !!
rich green woolen greatcloak lined with deep red silk brocade 29,134   !!
sweeping crimson greatcloak with a braided gold fourragere draped over the left shoulder 17,047   !!
pristine white greatcloak trimmed with tufted snowbeast fur and emblazoned with a rampant golden lion 288,18   !!