Dress for Success

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Dress for Success
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Dress for Success, Salesfloor]
Sturdy walls of cut grey limestone are topped by large wooden beams supporting the roof. A few lanterns hang from the roofbeams, illuminating the spacious room and the mannequins displaying the shop's merchandise. You also see a wooden door and an ornate sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A simple sign reads:
"An ornate sign reads:

      Our items are designed to be worn as sets

          Each mannequin holds a themed set

                  A full set is:
  a belt, a weapon harness, pants, shoes, headwear,
      a shirt-type item, and a jacket-type item

             Each mannequin offers
two options for the shirt and two for the jacket

   The headwear will help you hide your features"
a peacock-blue canvas-covered mannequin adorned with peacock plumes
Item Price Done
bright blue leather belt inlaid with malachite cabochons 62,500   
bright green leather harness with inlaid lapis lazuli cabochons 62,500   
pair of bright blue silk pantaloons gathered at the ankles 62,500   
peacock-blue leather boots with green gold buckles 62,500   
blue-green damask doublet figured with strutting peacocks 62,500   
bright blue damask jacket figured with strutting peacocks 62,500   
creamy cambric shirt with malachite buttons 62,500   
blue-green silk hood trimmed with green metallic braid 62,500   
celadon linen shirt with lapis lazuli buttons 62,500   
a jet black wool-covered mannequin decorated with silver seven-pointed stars
Item Price Done
pitch black leather belt embossed with silver seven-pointed stars 62,500   
coal black leather harness with tooled silver seven-pointed stars 62,500   
pair of onyx-hued twill trousers with narrow cuffs 62,500   
black boots with silver spurs 62,500   
midnight black wool redingcote with silver clasps 62,500   
pure white silk shirt with a standing collar 62,500   
deep black wool hood 62,500   
voluminous ebony wool robe with wide sleeves 62,500   
dove-grey lawn blouse with a high neckline 62,500   
a scarlet linen-covered mannequin embellished with firebirds in flight
Item Price Done
crimson-dyed calfskin harness with a yellow gold clasp 62,500   
crimson wool belt with a red gold buckle 62,500   
tailored fiery red linen slacks 62,500   
pair of crimson-dyed boots with gilt spurs 62,500   
scarlet wool greatcoat embellished with golden embroidery 62,500   
golden yellow cotton shirt with a spread collar 62,500   
crimson wool hood 62,500   
scarlet brocade jacket trimmed with gold braid 62,500   
ivory silk blouse with long sleeves gathered at the cuffs 62,500   
a purple felt-covered mannequin with appliqued gold snakes
Item Price Done
segmented gold-link belt shaped like a slinking snake 62,500   
gold-dyed snakeskin harness with an enameled purple buckle 62,500   
lavender silk pantaloons with a gold cord drawstring 62,500   
pair of golden-dyed snakeskin boots with purple silk laces 62,500   
golden-dyed snakeskin greatcoat with carved amethyst buttons 62,500   
plum-colored cotton shirt with wide cuffs 62,500   
golden-dyed snakeskin hood 62,500   
gold-dyed snakeskin coat with plum silk lapels 62,500   
cloth-of-gold shirt trimmed with purple silk braid around the collar and cuffs 62,500   
an off-white homespun-covered mannequin
Item Price Done
braided rope belt with knotted ends 6,250   
khaki-colored cowhide harness with plain bronze buckles 12,500   
dun-colored linen pantaloons gathered at the ankles 12,500   
pair of dark brown calfskin boots with black laces 6,250   
buff-colored linen caftan trimmed with black braid 25,000   
light-colored calico shirt patterned with yellow flowers 12,500   
buff-colored linen hood trimmed with black braid 12,500   
sand-colored homespun jacket with wooden buttons 12,500   
taupe linen shirt with an upright collar 6,250   
a white flannel-covered mannequin decorated with fluffy white sheep
Item Price Done
wide white leather belt with an enameled buckle 62,500   
white fleece-covered harness with a black iron buckle 62,500   
sable linen slacks with wide cuffs 62,500   
black leather boots lined with white fleece 62,500   
ebony wool greatcoat appliqued with a large white sheep on the back 62,500   
pure white cotton shirt with long sleeves 62,500   
white wool hood shaped like a fleece-covered sheep's head 62,500   
pure white sheepskin jacket with black wool collar and cuffs 62,500   
black linen blouse with long sleeves 62,500   
a black twill-covered mannequin decorated with tiny embroidered bees
Item Price Done
black leather harness studded with tiny golden bees 112,500   
wide black silk sash edged with bright yellow fringe 62,500   
ebony silk pantaloons gathered at the ankles and waist 62,500   
black brocade doublet with a motif of golden bees 62,500   
golden yellow cotton shirt with long sleeves 62,500   
sable silk hood embellished with golden embroidery 62,500   
deep black wool jacket with tiny gold buttons 62,500   
jet black silk shirt with long sleeves 62,500   
pair of black leather boots embossed with tooled golden bees 62,500   
a grey velvet-covered mannequin decorated with tiny embroidered lightning bolts
Item Price Done
deep blue brocade sash with a motif of lightning bolts 62,500   
silvery-grey silk pantaloons with silver lightning bolts down the seams 62,500   
leather harness dyed a deep storm-grey 112,500   
pair of storm-grey leather boots with black laces 62,500   
ebony branched velvet doublet figured with lightning bolts 62,500   
pale grey cotton shirt with an upright collar 62,500   
dark grey velvet hood with silver braid trim 62,500   
storm-grey damask jacket figured with stylized storm clouds 62,500   
raven-black linen shirt with long sleeves 62,500