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Drathrok's Duskruin Quest is a Simutronics-run paid quest that was announced in January 2016.


An overview of the history of the event, along with summaries of the various games and attractions available, can be found on the Drathrok's Duskruin page.


Email Teasers

Pet Rats

Players can explore the Duskruin Labyrinth and try to and find their very own rat companion. Rats bond to their owner and can be worn or stored in the sack they come with. Note that you should only stow your rat in the sack it came with when it is not worn, as doing otherwise can risk losing the rat. Rats come in many different appearances, and can be altered.

Rats can be worn on the shoulder (in a general slot, but looks like the shoulder). Players can put them in their sack, or DROP them on the ground. Players can FEED them various types of food. Only the owner can GET the rat from the ground. The rats have several other interaction such as KICK (not that you would!), POKE, RUB, TICKLE, THUMP, TOUCH and PET.

Rats put on the ground via the DROP command will follow their owner, without risk of losing the rat. While on the ground, rats can do battle with the rats owned by other players. Rats may become wounded by battle, but they will not permanently die. Badly wounded rats will run away temporarily and return a real life day later once healed.

Currently only one rat may be obtained per character, per opening of Duskruin.


Incidental Loot

A listing of incidental loot you may find within Duskruin can be found at Duskruin loot.

End Loot

Players can redeem bloodscrip for items and other prizes at Drathrok's Assemblage.


The first Duskruin bloodscrip auction will be held on Sunday, January 31, 2016, for the Prime instance, and Monday, February 1, 2016, for the Platinum instance. The portable auction caravans will be on the Duskruin grounds.

Duskruin Grounds

A number of high-end foods and drinks as well as pickable items can be found on the grounds and in the buildings.


The DragonRealms version of Duskruin was inspired by GemStone's own Duskruin [[1]].