Dokta's Dis and Dats

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Dokta's Dis and Dats
Event Feast of Eluned 1
Owner Dokta Nehfero
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Toy shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Ramshackle Wagon, Dokta's Dis and Dats]
A clutter of the bizarre and outright worthless battles for space on the shelves and the well-worn floor. A pathway winds between the towers of miscellaneous debris someone apparently calls merchandise, reinforcing the sensation that clear foot space is precious. You also see a pine crate with some stuff on it, a display shelf with some stuff on it and the wagon's door.
Obvious exits: east.

On the pine crate
Item Price Done
deep blue pair of muddy trousers shredded at the left knee 500   No
dirty white smock embroided with the faint image of a smiling Gor'Tog 687   No
ripped black-blue tabard embroidered with a black widow spider sitting amidst a web of green lightning 4,372   No
On the display shelf
Item Price Done
tarnished silver ring engraved with an oddly stylized Empath's guild crest 9,500   
slightly bent copper ring set with a chipped cambrinth stone 3,000   No
tattered sign made of hairless bearskin 250   !!

[Ramshackle Wagon, Dokta's Dis and Dats]
The walls are well hidden by the multitude of boxes and crates that are pushed tightly against them. A few unusual metal pokers and farm tools twirl gently as they hang from the low rafters by tight nooses of rope. You also see a dusty table with some stuff on it, a tattered curtain, a puppet stand with a wooden marionette on it, a sealed box with some stuff on it and a crudely-worded sign.
Obvious exits: west.

Welcum to Dokta's Nehfero 
I ain't here right now -- mebbe I's out foraging
more wood fer my marioneets, or mebbe I've just
found some good ale. Try again later.
On the dusty table
Item Price Done
green checked jester marionette 13,750   No
grinning skull-faced marionette 13,750   No
hideous goblin-faced marionette 13,750   No
scowling clown marionette 13,750   No
On the puppet stand
Item Price Done
wooden marionette 13,750   No
On the sealed box
Item Price Done
snarling Barbarian marionette 25,000   No
serene Cleric marionette 25,000   No
stern Paladin marionette 25,000   No
confused Ranger marionette 25,000   No
gem-encrusted Trader marionette 25,000   No
drunk-looking Bard marionette 25,000   No
singed War Mage marionette 25,000   No
smiling Empath marionette 25,000   No
starry-eyed Moon Mage marionette 25,000   No
shifty Thief marionette 25,000   No