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DISBAND <self>

You see: Coming apart at the seams again?
Others see: <Person> gets a worried look on <her/his> face and quickly checks his arms and legs <and tail>. With a relaxed sigh, <she/he> nods like all is right with the world for now.

If you are the leader of a group the DISBAND command will allow you to control who, if any, other characters are joined in that group with you.


You can...

  • DISBAND <person>: Disbands one single person from your group.
  • DISBAND <person> BAN: Disbands and prevents person from JOINing you for 1 hour.
  • DISBAND STALKERS: Disbands all KNOWN stalkers from your group.
  • DISBAND GROUP: Disbands known stalkers/followers.
  • DISBAND GROUP BAN: Disbands known stalkers/followers and sets your JOIN AVOID.
  • DISBAND STALKERS EXCEPT <player1> <player2>...: Disbands all known stalkers but keeps the people you list.
  • DISBAND GROUP EXCEPT <player1> <player2>...: Same as DISBAND GROUP but keeps the people you list.
  • DISBAND GROUP BAN EXCEPT <player1> <player2>...: Same as DISBAND GROUP BAN but keeps the people you list.

Notes: The EXCEPT clause will handle 5 players maximum. BAN does not prevent stalking. HOLD <person> will clear the BAN on that player.


DISBAND : Defaulting to GROUP disband. Type DISBAND HELP for more info.

You disband <person>.
<Person> stops you from following <her/him>.

DISBAND stalker : You try to disband all those stalking you. - Perception skill check

You don't think you dislodged anyone.
You dislodge <person>.
<Person> scans the rooms in an attempt to dislodge any stalkers.
You manage to remain in the group.
<Person> forces you from <her/his> group. <She/He> must have seen you hidden there.

DISBAND <person> : You disband <person>.

<Person> forces you out of <her/his> group.
You disband <person> and prevent <her/him> from joining you for a bit.
<Person> forces you out of <her/his>> group for a bit.
<Person> tried to join you but you've made it clear you don't want <her/him> in your group.
<Person> has made it clear that <she/he> doesn't want you in <her/his> group.

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