Darvagai Anliker

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  • Literally, "Dwarves of Gold Mountain" (in Gamgweth).

According to records, these Adamantian dwarves were well known to the Merelew and in other tales for their skill in crafting jewelry.

From Merelew, The (book)

Once Andreshlew was restored, the Merelew began to learn of this new world they found themselves in. The land was in a state of tension following the Elven Human War. Peace was fragile, the land drained of resources. The Merelew were pleased. Their ships traveled to the major ports, carrying pearls, gold, coral, and shell; jewelry with craftsmanship to rival that of the Dwarves of Darvagai Anliker; precious items salvaged from sunken ships; exotic foods. In exchange, the Merelew received forged metals, something they are unable to create underwater. The Merelew traded extensively with a small village on the land near modern Riverhaven, and one or two young Merelew even opted to live there.