Dafny's Double Daring

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Dafny's Double Daring
Festival Romancing the Seas
Owner Dafny
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
Restrictions Deluxe ticket holder
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Jaal Jeraya, Dafny's Double Daring]
Cluttered and disorganized, yet still immaculately clean, Dafny's display features a cozy mound of pillows that faces a trio of shelves, ostensibly placed so that those forced to wait for their friends can enjoy their time here as much as those who are shopping. You also see a two-toned aspen door and a sign.
Obvious exits: none.

Written in large script are the words: "Designed by Dafny!" 
Beneath that in smaller letters is: "Don't miss a thing! Explore every shelf, from 
first to last!" 

In even tinier letters underneath that is: "By the way, these garments are reversible!"
On the top shelf
Item Price Done
unadorned sleek black leather coat 120,000   No
pair of deep aubergine knee boots with elegantly turned-down cuffs 92,500   No
short cobalt suede vest with buttons of carved ivory 40,000   No
jet black silk doublet reinforced with a layer of sturdy leather 100,000   No
rugged leather doublet with crude buttons carved from stone 100,000   No
On the middle shelf
Item Price Done
carnation pink day gown adorned with a trio of tiny knots at its modest neckline 93,875   No
sleeveless tunic of deep violet belted with a silver-tipped sash 75,000   No
dark olive wraparound tunic held with etched silver roundels 75,000   No
sweeping silvery cape tamed somewhat by its deep black lining 120,000   
supple black slippers tipped with a tiny faceted ruby at each toe 70,000   
daring red gown of supple spidersilk adorned with glossy black onyx beads along its deep neckline 101,250   No
On the bottom shelf
Item Price Done
silken white shirt held closed at the cuffs by polished onyx buttons 41,250   No
midnight black silk shirt that hangs open to reveal a deep red underlayer 37,500   No
simple deep black robe belted with a length of knotted leather 101,250   
fluidly draped robe of pure white silk with wide sleeves lined in grey - Becomes a flowing robe of charcoal-colored silk with wide white-lined sleeves 113,750   
sleeveless silver tunic with sapphire-hued lining 90,000   No
crisp white satin tunic with black gathered sleeves - Becomes a crisp black satin tunic with gathered white sleeves 61,250