Daelus's Entrances and Exits (1)

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Daelus's Entrances and Exits (1)
Event Hollow Eve Festival 392, Hollow Eve Festival 396
Owner Daelus
# of Rooms -
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Cost: 100,000 Dokoras

Daelus says, "Yup. I do that. I do work. I specialize in teaching you how to make the entrances and departures of your dreams. Surprise your friends by appearing in a puff of smoke, having a trio of horns trumpeting your arrival, sneaking up behind them and shouting "BOOO!" or any number of other things."

Daelus beams and exclaims, "Yup! Let me tell you what all I can do!"

Option 1:
     Main Window Arrival: <Person> just skipped in.
   Main Window Departure: <Person> just skipped out.
  Arrival Window Arrival: <Person> <last name> just popped into existence.
Arrival Window Departure: <Person> just ceased to exist.
Option 2:
     Main Window Arrival: <Person> stumbles in, rubbing his eyes as if he just woke up.
   Main Window Departure: <Person> ambles off, looking decidedly tired and ready for rest.
  Arrival Window Arrival: <Person> <last name> just woke up from a nap, ready to join the adventure once again.
Arrival Window Departure: <Person> just went home to take a nap.
Option 3:
     Main Window Arrival: <Person> wanders in.
   Main Window Departure: <Person> wanders off.
  Arrival Window Arrival: <Person> <last name> just wandered into another adventure.
Arrival Window Departure: <Person> retires from the adventure for now.
Option 4:
     Main Window Arrival: <Person> silently steps from the shadows.
   Main Window Departure: <Person> suddenly slips into the shadows and disappears.
  Arrival Window Arrival: <Person> <last name> snuck out of the shadow he was hiding in.
Arrival Window Departure: <Person> just found a shadow to hide out in.
Option 5:
     Main Window Arrival: <Person> limps in, looking refreshed.
   Main Window Departure: <Person> limps off, looking for a place to rest.
  Arrival Window Arrival: <Person> <last name> just limped in for another adventure.
Arrival Window Departure: <Person> limped away from the adventure for now.
Option 6:
     Main Window Arrival: <Person> saunters in, humming an annoying tune to herald his arrival.
   Main Window Departure: <Person> saunters out, muttering about "lack of taste" all the while.
  Arrival Window Arrival: <Person> <last name> just sauntered into the adventure with an annoying tune on his lips.
Arrival Window Departure: <Person> thankfully just returned home to work on a new tune.
Option 7:
     Main Window Arrival: <Person> crawls into view, stands up and dusts himself off.
   Main Window Departure: <Person> flops over and slowly crawls off, seeking the rest he so clearly desires.
  Arrival Window Arrival: <Person> <last name> just crawled into the adventure.
Arrival Window Departure: <Person> just crawled home, seeking rest from the adventure.