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Crafter Union
This is an unofficial group
Province Base: Zoluren
City Base: Crossing
Active Members: 2
Website: None
Leaders/Council Other Members


Not Listed

The Crafter Union is devoted to uniting crafters across the various disciplines under a common banner to help each other in their craft and to, when necessary, strike for higher work order pay.

Seek out Shrarr to join!


I will come to the aid of my fellow crafter, with no regard to their race, creed, or gender. I will regard them - though they may be a stranger - as a friend. I will evolve with them, working to expand the collective prowess, ingenuity, and community of all crafters.

And to this end I will come to the aid of the Union.

OOC: And I will follow the DR Scripting Policy (i.e. be not just at the keyboard, but reading/responsive if scripting).

Deed Treasury

Members have access to the communal registry/registries. Though it is in its infancy, the hope is that it will grow to become a useful resource.

 Stored Deeds:
   1 -- a deed for a onyx boulder
   2 -- a deed for a onyx boulder
   3 -- a deed for a schist boulder
   4 -- a deed for some troll-skin leather


The Union does not provide crafting services. We will however be happy to teach you how to craft yourself.