Clouded arzumos

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clouded arzumos
Unknown creature.jpg
Creature Levels:
    Overall 50
    Level Variance -
    Natural Attack 52
    Weapon Attack 0
    Defense 49
    Player Estimated -
Potential overall skill: 220
Skill Cap 230 to 340
Skinnable Yes
Has Coins No
Has Gems No
Has Boxes No
Has Other Unknown
Uses Weapons Unknown
Alignment No
Corporeal Yes
Construct No
Casts Spells No
Attack Range Melee
Stealthy Yes
Special Attacks Yes
Special Defenses Unknown
Body Type quadruped
Body Type (Alt) monstrous
Body Size large
Premium-Only Unknown
Skinning Details
Skin Name clouded arzumos pelt
Skin Weight 11
Ranks Required <180"" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 180.
Max Value 591 Dokoras819.013 Kronars <br />655.211 Lirums <br />0.819 LTBpoints <br />0.819 Tickets <br />0.819 Scrips <br />
Max Arranged ?
Manipulatable Yes
Skill Required ? / ?
Teaching Cap ?


Lithe and elegant, every line of this great cat is predatory. Its sapphire-blue eyes with slitted black pupils are alert and intelligent, never missing even the slightest movement. Razor-sharp claws are neatly sheathed within its big paws, and its oversized incisors arc to just below the lower jaw, giving it lethal piercing and crushing power. Supple muscles move fluidly under creamy, faintly-striped fur with tawny tips, lending the cat the look of being dusted with gold.

Anatomy Chart

The mottled arzumos is an extremely large feline with a massive head and large eyes. Its fur is greyish-white with black stripes, with a white underbelly and very pale stripes on its forehead. A rough color sketch in the lower corner of the chart demonstrates the effectiveness of the creature's natural camouflage -- the stripes disrupt the body outline, blurring it to near invisibility.

In Depth

Special Attacks

Arzumos can pounce and knock their prey to the ground. The pounce attack will take them to melee range regardless of current distance.

3.1 Tactics hardcapped at 387 ranks

3.1 Empathy still locks around 410.

Skinning Data

Note: Ranger - Perfectly arranged pelt occured approximately 75% of the time with 183 skinning and a 38 mana HoL. Current highest value appraised so far is 760 Lirums.

Non-ranger: Unable to skin with 140 skinning and 40 agility and 50 discipline.