Cleric Guildhall (Vela'tohr Valley)

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This Cleric Guildhall is found in the Vela'tohr Valley along the Pilgrimage Trail in Forfedhdar. The Guildleader for this location is Vecuto. In addition to Guild services, this building has a library, Cleric-only housing, an Acolyte to assist with divorces, a telescope, pickable items and refreshments.

[Clerics' Guild, Refectory]
Polished copper pots and pans hang upon the wall on either side of a large stove. Candle sconces are affixed to the other walls, between cluttered shelves stacked with culinary equipment and supplies. A pair of large trestle tables fills most of the room, surrounded by threadbare runners lining the barely passable areas between the fixtures and the benches by the tables. You also see a stout door and a narrow corridor.
Obvious exits: south.

On the trestle table
Item Price Done
a roasted chicken 0   !!
a carafe of cold milk 0   DG
a carafe of sparkling wine 0   !!

From outside the gate, 1 room west

[Pilgrimage Trail, Vela'Tohr Valley]
Browning clumps of grass push up between cracked cobblestones, obscuring the edges of the roadway. Low mounds of blackberry brambles cover the rocky slope to the south, grudgingly giving way to cultivated fields to the west. Steeply pitched roofs can be glimpsed between the stakes surmounting the high, thick wall stretching east to west alongside the road.
Obvious exits: east, west.