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Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Location: Jadewater Mansion

Cleranch works at Jadewater Mansion, answering the door bell.

[Jadewater Mansion, Cobbled Path]
Brown cobbles set in herringbone rows lead from the gate to the door of an elegant mansion resting against the town wall. Borders of waxy green boxwood interspersed with pale yellow roses hem in either side of the path. Close-cropped grass stretches away from the borders towards the stone fencing that separates the building and the rest of The Crossing. You also see a silken hammock woven of supple braided twine and trimmed with intricate knotwork, a rosewood sign you should READ, a metal ivy lattice-work gate, and a door bell.
Obvious paths: east, west.

You ring the doorbell.
The doorman pops his head out and glances at you. He grumbles, "Bother, I was expecting the window washer. Well, stay right there and one of the Mentors should be with you shortly."