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Chanepheous Vilmuthers
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Empath
Instance Prime

Need an empath, make over, or just a partner in crime?
Discord: digitalnyc


  • Pronounced Shane-fee-us, Chane (Shane) for short.
  • Overhealing since 2002, mostly in the Crossing and surrounding areas.
  • Maker of horrendously mediocre cloth/leather armor.
  • Does not enjoy participating in PvP.


You see Legendary Empath Chanepheous Vilmuthers, a Human.
Chanepheous has deeply furrowed lines between the eyebrows, speckled seafoam-green eyes and a freckled nose. His brown hair is shoulder length and fine with grizzled streaks of grey throughout, and is worn in a careless, windblown arrangement. He has tanned skin and a slouched build.
He is of ordinary proportions for a Human.
He appears to be ancient.
He has a tattoo of a golden banyan tree split by a tremendous boulder on his right ankle.


Year/Event Alterer Item

Chris' Mass 447

Sindah an animite signet ring adorned with a rearing alerce unicorn
Carved into a nearly flat circle of alerce, the proud unicorn stands wreathed in healing herbs.
Impression: a rearing unicorn wreathed in healing herbs
HE 447
Phinara some iridescent unicorns
Exceptionally delicate blown glass carousel unicorns refract the light like soap bubbles, with only the slightest suggestion of substance.
Same atmo messages as: tiny blight locusts carved from softly glowing thealstones
HE 447
Zipsy a pair of fluffy white unicorn slippers with glittering cambrinth horns
Multicolored ribbons jut from the pair of heads to form the equine creatures' manes. Matching horns are encrusted with gem chips in all colors of the rainbow to hide the rusty-red of the mineral beneath. Affixed to both cuddly creations are bright blue eyes crafted from sapphires and fringed with long, fluttery lashes. Rouge colors their cheeks complemented by rainbow eyeshadow to complete their innocent-looking appearance.
HE 447
Phinara a lambent moonsilver necklace hung with an iridescent pearl carousel unicorn
Exquisitely carved from a large pearl, tiny inclusions of glittering gemstones add a whimsical flair to the carousel unicorn charm. The unicorn's horn appears to glow faintly from light cast by the moonsilver chain passing through the thin section of material.
Post room string: who is beleaguered by a phantasmal carousel of revolving iridescent unicorns
2008 Satfiki some textured leathers lined with thick blood-wolf pelt
Padded for extra comfort and protection in combat, the supple fur provides a hint of color at the wrists and neckline. Dozens of crosshatch marks across the surface give the leathers a rugged appearance, and the stylized image of a unicorn adorns the back, stained in a dark red substance.
2006 LTB a razor-sharp steel chirurgeon's knife with a delicate onyx-inlaid mahogany grip
Etched into the handle are the initials "C.V." encircled by leafy healing herbs.