Cashek gand Aldam

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Cashek gand Aldam
Status: Unknown
Guild: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Location: Unknown

Nothing concrete is known about Cashek gand Aldam (Gamgweth for "Fighter against Fate") save that she exists in opposition to Pelag ai Aldam in both function and possibly motive. She is thought by some to be connected to Nera somehow.


Occasionally in the Astral Plane, the following is seen:

A soothing presence grows around you. Gentle pressure is applied to your shoulders as a feminine voice whispers in your mind, "They will kill you if they can, though we struggle here as you do. I will help you on your way, so you may leave quickly."

"Do not judge them harshly. They cannot help but be what you have made them."

The voice fades from your mind, though the soothing presence remains.

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