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Festival Plokks’ Perspicacious Performing Panoply
Owner Nyamii
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Carnicats, Sales Floor]
The smell of cats hangs heavily in this small tent, mingling with the occasional whiff of catnip. Slender walkways circle the area near the ceiling, held up by tall supports, with occasional larger platforms holding bowls, pillowy beds, and small toys. Above a curtain behind the counter is a flap through which the walkway passes. You also see a spangled lattice archway, a snack cart painted with paw prints with several things on it, a rack with several things on it, a colorful pavilion painted with rainbow paw prints and the midway.
Obvious exits: none.

On the rack
Item Price Done
billowing calico cloak clasped by a rainbow swirled orb 9,020   
soft cotton blouse with rainbow cat paw buttons 2,255   
ruffled cone hat adorned with rainbow balls of yarn 902   
silken cape painted with silly cats juggling rainbow balls 6,765   
canvas satchel painted with a cat leaping through a flaming hoop 4,510   

On the counter
Item Price Done
colorful knitted yarn rosette set with a cat-shaped button 1,804   
stylized silver pendant resembling a cat balancing on a pearl 1,804   
wooden amulet carved to resemble a curled mouse 676   
blown glass ring filled with bits of colorful yarn 451   
woven circlet decorated with dangling balls of yarn 902   
dried catnip pin woven to resemble a circus tent 902   
plush striped cat wearing a rainbow wig 3,157   
soft beige plush cat wearing a fluffy lion's mane 3,157   
large hoop earrings with dangling ivory cats 902   
dangling cat earrings clasping tiny balls of yarn 2,706   

On the snack cart
Item Price Done
bowl of fizzing catnip punch 0   
bottles of fresh mountain spring water 0   
bag of buttered popcorn 0   
cat-shaped jellybeans 0   
tray of cinnamon paw-shaped cookies 0   

[Carnicats, Performance Ring]
Rows of low benches surround a large red ring in the middle of the area, filled with hoops, trapezes, and a tightrope tied between two poles. Fine sawdust covers the ground, dotted with tiny paw prints, while colorful banners embroidered with performing cats hang overhead. You also see a spangled lattice archway and a large pen.
Obvious exits: none.