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The CARDS command is used to interact with the Card collector's cases sold by the card collector in the Rickety Wagon near Crossing.

Note: Cards stored in card cases do not count towards a player's item count.


All commands require a case to be held in hand.

  • CARDS: Displays the list of available CARDS commands.
  • CARDS ADD: Adds a card in your hand to a card case.
  • CARDS REMOVE: Removes a card from a collection.
  • CARDS LIST: Lists what cards you have in the case.
  • CARDS COUNT: Counts how many cards you have without listing them.
  • CARDS DUPLICATES: Lists any duplicate cards you have.
  • CARDS NEEDED: Lists all cards you need to complete your collection.
  • CARDS COMPLETE: Completes a collection of cards. You must have one of each type of card in your collection to complete it. Produces a Complete collector card set.

List of Collectible Cards

Item:Immortal Firulf card16
Immortal Firulf card16
Item:Immortal Phelim card17
Immortal Phelim card17
Immortal Albreda card23
Item:Immortal Albreda card23
Item:Immortal Enelne card44
Immortal Enelne card44
Guildleader Alris card70
Item:Guildleader Alris card70
Item:Guildleader Tomma card88
Guildleader Tomma card88
Item:Famous faces tezirah eilsina card128
Famous faces tezirah eilsina card128
Item:Famous Faces Jeladric Theren card133
Famous Faces Jeladric Theren card133
Item:Famous faces morganae card140
Famous faces morganae card140

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