Captain's Mistress

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A Captain's Mistress
Festival Romancing the Seas
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
Restrictions Deluxe ticket holder
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Jaal Jeraya, A Captain's Mistress]
Upon the white washed walls of this shop are drawings of various sea creatures. Some feature teeth as big as a Gor'tog's head while others are tiny and don't look like they could harm a fly. Clerks in colorful smocks smile from their corners, ready to assist any in need.
You also see a dark mahogany table with some stuff on it, a small sign, an ironwood pole with some stuff on it, a felt-covered satinwood table with some stuff on it, an onyx-trimmed silverwood rack with some stuff on it, a gold-trimmed ironwood rack with some stuff on it, and a rosewood chest with some stuff on it.

On the mahogany table
Item Price Done
lace-edged white satin handkerchief ?   No
pale pink silk handkerchief embroidered with a deep red rose ?   No
ebony handkerchief of finely woven spidersilk streaked with golden threads ?   No
plain white satin handkerchief ?   No
pale white cotton handkerchief covered with small brown spots ?   No
crimson-bordered black lace handkerchief ?   No
hunter green and white lace-bordered linen handkerchief ?   No
On the ironwood pole
Item Price Done
singed sun vulture-feather boa ?   No
greyish-white gull-feather boa ?   No
crimson peacock-feather boa ?   No
snow white goose-feather boa ?   No
rich brown hawk-feather boa ?   No
sombre grey vulture-feather boa ?   No
multi-colored boobrie-feather boa ?   No
dull black shrike-feather boa ?   No
glossy black raven-feather boa ?   No
bright green macaw-feather boa ?   No
deep blue macaw-feather boa ?   No
On the satinwood table
Item Price Done
enchanting triple-tiered silver circlet set with a spray of dazzling white diamonds ?   
colorful vine wreath of gold-beaded burgundy leaves ?   
triple-stranded pearl headband anchored with a carved ivory cameo ?   
exquisite multi-tiered golden tiara displaying a solitary black pearl ?   
long string of aqua crystalline hair beads interspersed with tiny golden bells ?   
whimsical headpiece of pale pink rosebuds nestled amidst silken leaves ?   
delicate filigreed circlet of lightly hammered gold ?   
On the silverwood rack
Item Price Done
variegated blue and green veil ?   
translucent crystal-beaded veil ?   
iris-trimmed amethyst silk veil ?   
daisy-trimmed lemon yellow veil ?   
ivory-edged deep blue silk veil ?   
pale golden gossamer silk veil ?   
leaf-edged dark green veil ?   
moon and star appliqued veil ?   
lace-edged pristine white veil ?   
sheer emerald-edged veil ?   
luminescent diamond-trimmed veil ?   
On the ironwood rack
Item Price Done
gold-trimmed ivory silk veil ?   
diaphanous melon-hued silk veil ?   
vivid ruby red silk veil ?   
black-pearl trimmed silk veil ?   
gold-beaded sheer silk veil ?   
diaphanous silvery silk veil ?   No
gold and aqua silk veil ?   
pink rosebud appliqued silk veil ?   
loosely woven somber brown veil ?   
iridescent ice blue silk veil ?   
soft sage green silk veil ?   
On the rosewood chest
Item Price Done
red satin wristpurse trimmed with black lace ?   No
black velvet pouch embroidered with silvery thread ?   No