Cabinet Maker

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Cabinet Maker's Workshop
Province Therengia
Town Rossgallan Keep
Map Ranik's Map 34b
Owner Nicoly Rossman
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Rossgallan Keep, Cabinet Maker's Workshop]
Fragrant wood shavings and sawdust litter the corners of the cabinet maker's shop. The center of the room is used to display the craftsman's art to the discerning home-owner. You also see a journeyman.

Available Cabinets
Item Price Done
polished burlwood cupboard 100,000   
maple-framed pierced tin pie-safe 55,000   
brass-trimmed tiger maple highboy 150000   
ornate carved mahogany wardrobe 160,000   
shell-carved mistwood cabinet 120,000   
scroll-worked bloodwood armoire 140,000   
aromatic cedar chest 60,000   !!
silver-bound mistwood hope-chest 85,000