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Status: Alive
Guild: Ranger
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Location: Boar Clan (Ranik Map 128)
Type: Furrier


Brokk's deep-set brown eyes look out from beneath a brimless leather cap and seem to always be scrutinizing the area for signs of his prey. His blotchy olive skin is weathered and bears thick scars along his meaty arms and barrel-chested torso. He has undoubtedly survived enough injuries to have killed most others.

He is wearing a well-stitched ensemble composed of pelts and hides, belted at the waist with a thick leather strap. Slung over one shoulder is a heavy satchel that clanks when he moves with the sound of the metal traps within.


  • BROKK: Brokk balls his right fist and brings it up to his left shoulder. "Brokk is dis Tog right here. I hunt dis glade with my traps for getting skins and tusks. You know anyone what wants to sell some, you let Brokk know!"
  • TRAPS: "I makes da best traps around," Brokk grunts. "Dis Tog thinks folks are crazy to fight toe-to-toe when you can build a good trap and just wait while it does da work for you."

Glancing at you sideways, Brokk adds, "Maybe Brokk will teach you about traps one day. Maybe."

  • BOARS: Nodding seriously, Brokk says in a low voice, "Da boars in dese parts here ain't like other places. Dey are pretty hard to hunt 'cause dey big and heavy, and got some sharp tusks. Dey also got some mean friends in those goblins. But dat's why Brokk got traps!" Brokk grins broadly and taps his satchel.
  • BOAR CLAN: Brokk claps his right fist against his left shoulder twice and extends it out in front of him, grunting "Boar Clan Togs!" Lowering his arm, he says in a conversational tone, "You looking for Boar Clan? It's just to da south of us. It's da home of da best Rangers and da best togball players in all da realms. Yep, you want to know more den dat, you gotta go read da books down in da guildhall."
  • RANGER: "Yep," Brokk nods, "Rangers are many around here. Togs and Dwarfs, they built the biggest Ranger guildhall in da realms here and filled it with books and learning and stuff. Da clan kinda grew up around da guild."

Brokk looks quickly over his shoulder, then leans in toward you and says in a low voice, "Brokk likes da hot springs best. Bubbles are good for tired Tog feets."

  • PAGLAR: Brokk nods slowly and a serious look of pride crosses his broad visage. "Now da guildleader for da Rangers here, Paglar, is da wisest Ranger what ever was. He is in charge of dis guildhall here in Boar Clan, but he's also in charge of all da Ranger guildhalls and Ranger guildleaders 'cause he knows lessons dat ain't even in books. He can shoot an arrow straighter and farther dan anyone, like he and da arrow got some kind of deal worked out together."

Considering you for a moment, Brokk adds, "If you don't know him, you should go and meet him down in the guildhall."

Atmospheric Messaging

Brokk absently toys with one of the traps from his satchel. It opens and snaps shut with a "cre-e-eak--clank!"

Using an inordinately large skinning knife, Brokk cleans some dirt from beneath his fingernails.

Brokk rifles through several bundles of skins, examining their quality.

Brokk rubs his forehead thoughtfully and says, "Got to find me more skins. Got to be some hunters around here willing to sell some."

Narrowing his eyes and listening intently, Brokk searches for signs of prey in the area.

Brokk walks slowly out of the area, pausing momentarily to check under some foliage.

Brokk crouches down to examine a set of tracks that disappear beneath a nearby bush.

Brokk lifts his cap and scratches his scalp with a dry raking sound.

A loud clanking noise signals Brokk's exit from the area.


Province Forfedhdar
Town Boar Clan
Map Ranik's Map 128
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Furrier shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

As with most furriers, bundling ropes are available here.