Breeze, The

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The Breeze
Festival Romancing the Seas
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Jaal Jeraya, The Breeze]
Brightly gleaming brass lanterns provide lighting that accentuates stylish counters and decorative display cases. A round rug woven in shades of yellow, green and blue adorns the polished wooden floor while sea-star flowers in the same colors spring from unlikely places, including carved beams and behind the clerk's ears.
Obvious exits: none.
Ship paths: forward to starboard, starboard, aft to starboard, aft.

On the sandalwood counter
Item Price Done
pair of puce pants trimmed in wild giddi feathers 6,875   No
pair of sapphire blue trousers edged in silver medallions 6,875   No
pair of rugged leather pants edged in sterling silver studs 6,875   !!
pair of brilliant yellow trousers lined in purple silk 6,875   No
pair of raspberry-colored pants trimmed in yellow embroidery 6,875   No
On the ash counter
Item Price Done
red thigh pouch trimmed in raven feathers 8,125   No
black thigh pouch with golden buckles 8,125   No
ebony thigh pouch clasped with a sterling silver button 3,125   No
indigo thigh pouch embroidered with golden thread 3,125   No
brown thigh pouch trimmed with suede fringe 3,125   No
cerulean thigh pouch embroidered with silvery thread 3,125   
bright yellow thigh pouch clasped with a crystal button 3,125   No
grey thigh pouch lined in red silk 3,125   No
In the display case
Item Price Done
black leather backpack embroidered along the flap with a scarlet dragon 6,875   No
sea-green backpack of supple leather clasped with an ivory starfish 11,125   
leather backpack clasped with bronze eagles 11,125   No
crushed velvet pack in varying shades of grey 15,000   No
dark suede pack with green leaves embroidered along its edges 25,000   No