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Status: Alive
Guild: Bard
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Relatives: Gambom

Hired along with his brother Gambom to destroy some of the older homes around Reavers for Councilor of Housing Inetor.


You see Da Smasha Bomgam, a Gor'Tog Bard.
Bomgam has mismatched eyes, one gold and the other an empty socket. He has leathery skin.
He is fairly young for a Gor'Tog.
He has a blind left eye.

He is holding a reinforced steel Elkabongador in his right hand.
He is wearing a pair of sturdy leather hobnail boots with steel toecaps, some faded sailcloth pants stained with pitch, a brown cotton shirt with ripped half-sleeves, a large canvas carryall blotched with a distorted black musical note and a ratty linen eyepatch blemished with bloodstains.


Bomgam dances about with his Elkabongador, singing loudly and atrociously off-key. The windows of the shack shatter as if recoiling from the abominable combination of voice and instrument as Bomgam's thundering footsteps also shake the ancient foundation apart!

Bomgam shakes his hips in an apparent attempt to mimic dancing, but only looks like a graceless cow fighting over the last few blades of grass in pasture. In his disconnect from reality, Bomgam fails to notice the collateral damage to the shack as his Elkabongador slams wildly into its facade, the noise drumming out what falls just short of a passable tune as the shack collapses.

Gambom hoists Bomgam upon his shoulders. The newly formed towering 'Tog tank bum-rushes the hutch, flailing their Elkabongadors in a blizzard of bangs and bashes. Gambom twirls about, creating a tornado effect that allows Bomgam to adequately destroy the remains of the hutch.
Bomgam sounds a powerful roar, his cry spanning the octaves!
Gambom gives Bomgam a brotherly hug, rubbing his scalp with his knuckles.
Resero gets an impish expression on his face, and lets out a hearty cheer.
Gambom takes a quick count of what's in the area.