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One side of the axe blade curves smoothly, allowing the user to chop at wood or tangled lines, while the other is a truly vicious-looking sharpened spike capable of tapping a barrel or puncturing a helmet with equal ease.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Boarding axeCaptain Namazzi's Ship GoodsPirate boardertrue
Boarding axe (crafted)false
Boarding axe (crafted)/HEPfalse
Boarding axe (crafted)/HESfalse
Boarding axe with a silverwood handleHollow Eve 410 Raffle Centertruetrue
Steel boarding axe with a driftwood handleReturn to the KeepReturn to the Keep/End lootRuins of Ulf'HaraRuins of Ulf'Hara/End loottrue
Teak-handled boarding axeWar at Seatruetrue
Weapon:Boarding axeCaptain Namazzi's Ship Goodsfalse
Weapon:Boarding axe (crafted)falsetrue
Weapon:Boarding axe (crafted)/HE1false
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