Boar Clan Stables

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Boar Clan Stables
Province Forfedhdar
Justice Unknown
Town Boar Clan
Map Ranik's Map 121
Owner Agglar
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Horse shops, Tack shops, Stable shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Boar Clan, Stable Tack Room]
On very cold or overcast days, oil lamps in the end of the longhouse are lit, but on sunny days, a wooden shutter high in the gable is propped open to allow light to spill in. Wicker baskets full of grooming tools hang from iron hooks on the back wall above a large trunk and feed bin. You also see Stableman Agglar and a small sign.

A small sign reads: Ask Agglar about food, tack & grooming! Agglar knows!

Item Price Done
1 a green apple 5   !!
2 some hay 45   
3 some grain 2,500   
4 a cube of salt 10   
Grooming Supplies
Item Price Done
1 a peregan mane and tail brush 400   No
2 a deer antler hoof pick 1,600   No
3 a peregan curry comb 250   No
4 a stiff brush 300   !!
Item Price Done
1 a grey wool saddle pad 950   No
2 a grey wool blanket 1,300   No
3 a tooled leather saddle 15,500   No
4 a braided leather bridle 1,200   No
5 a woven leather halter 900   No
6 a lead rope 100   !!

[Boar Clan, Corral]
Bordered by the forest to the north, the corral is sheltered by a low canopy of pine boughs. The whickering of horses fills the air, frequently punctuated by the dull thud of a stomping hoof. You also see a smoky grey horse, a bay horse, a silver grey horse, a steel grey horse, a medium bay horse, a dapple grey horse, a cherry bay horse, and a silver grey horse.

Animals for Sale
Item Price Done
[To look at an individual animal type ORDER to get a list of the beasts for sale and their corresponding numbers then type LOOK #.]
1. a smoky grey horse 425,000   
2. a bay horse 425,000   
3. a silver grey horse 425,000   
4. a steel grey horse 425,000   
5. a medium bay horse 425,000   
6. a dapple grey horse 425,000   
7. a cherry bay horse 425,000   
8. a silver grey horse 425,000