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Status: Alive
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Location: Gudthar's Tannery (Ranik Map 121)
Type: shopowner

Blorg sells tanning supplies in Gudthar's Tannery in Boar Clan.


Blorg looms behind the counter, conveying an aura of restless menace. Apparently designed for maximum display of strength rather than protection from weather or warmth, a tooled leather vest stretches across the vast expanse of his incredibly muscled torso. His jutting, bony brow leaves his eyes glinting from within deep wells of shadow, adding to his fearsome appearance.


  • Blorg removes a handful of walnuts from a pocket. With a great cracking noise, he easily cracks the lot in his hand. With a lack of care that leaves you wondering why he cracked them in the first place, he picks through the pieces and shovels them indiscriminately into his mouth. He munches thoughtfully for a time before saying to himself, "Mmm, walnuts."