Bless (2.0)

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Cleric thumb.jpgCleric Guild
Abbreviation: BLESS
Prerequisites: none
Minimum Prep: 3
Casting Cap: 63
Valid Spell Target: Self, Others, Group, Weapons, Ritual Objects
Description: The Bless spell renders a profane object sacred. It is used in the production of holy water, and prepares weapons for use against the Undead. When cast upon someone holding a weapon, that weapon will be blessed as if the spell had been cast directly on the weapon. If cast on someone who is not holding a weapon, they will be gain the benefits of bless when brawling non-corporeal spirits. The spell may also specify GROUP as a target, which will attempt to bless the weapons being held by everyone in the caster's group.
Example Messaging: A ring of brilliant silver light emanates from your hands, sweeping outward to wash over the area.

A brilliant silver glow surrounds the scimitar.

A brilliant silver glow enwreathes your body.


  • When used to create holy water, Bless requires no additional prep, even when cast on water with many parts.
    • Must be cast on the water inside a vessel or container, and not on the container itself, in order to render the water sacred.
    • The spell can also be used to produce holy oil in a similar manner.
  • Caps at 163 strikes from regular cast, 100 strikes from group cast.
  • Alignment based colors:
    • brilliant silver (Neutral)
    • glistening gold (Light)
    • deep indigo (Dark)
  • CAST GROUP when placing Bless in Abeyant Orison will bless whatever you're holding when you invoke AO.