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This is a shop on the new south bridge arcade of Shard.

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Bettin' Birdies
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67e
Owner Ashoo
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Casino shops, Game
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Bettin' Birdies, The Casino]
A perch-like metal rod extends completely across a room hung with yellow drapes. On the perch stand three contraptions of wood and metal that resemble huge (if skinny) canaries. In their metal feet they grip the rod, which serves as the axle around which they rotate, spinning and flapping their mechanical wings. You also see a sweeping staircase, a large sign, a gaming table, and a croupier.
Obvious exits: none.

Instruction Sign

~ Dr. Ashoo's Bettin' Birdies ~

Watch the birdies spin! What will they do when they stop?
You bet on what you think they'll do -- Possible Bets:

Snort Sniffle Snarl Snap Snicker Sneeze

If a bird does what you bet on, you win the amount you bet.

If two birds do what you bet on, you win double your bet.

If all three do what you bet on, you win triple your bet!

=== Special Bet: Watch Out for the Tornado! ===

If all three sneeze, it's a Tornado! All bets on the table
are lost and added to the Tornado Jackpot, which keeps growing
with each Tornado. How do you win the Jackpot?
BET on the TORNADO, and if all three sneeze, you win!!!

A Tornado bet must be half of the current value of the Jackpot.
Only one player may BET TORNADO in any round.
It's easy! Try BET 1 SNORT or BET 1 SNAP and see what happens.
It only costs a single copper to try!
Feeling lucky? Then play big, win big! A sample bet might be:
which would bet 100 coins, and if a birdie sniffles, you win!

**** STUDY this sign for important house rules. ****
**** They will apply whether they are read or not. ****

House Rules


1. The House is not reponsible for lost bets due to acts of the

gods or the restlessness of the World Dragon, regardless of
fault or reason.

2. The House is not reponsible if you accidentally bet a wrong

amount. Once on the table, all bets are final and will not
be refunded for any reason.

3. The House will not permit disruptive or abusive behavior by

players. You will be removed for any such behavior.

4. Players are responsible for making sure they understand the

rules of the game. If you're unsure how the game is played,
please watch a few rounds until the rules are clear to you.
No refunds will be issued by the House because a player did
not understand the game or its consequences.
[Type BET for help and syntax for betting and be sure to LOOK

at this sign for the rules of the game.]

Betting Cycle

The croupier chants, "Place your bets! Place your bets!"

The croupier chants, "Betting will close in a few seconds!"<br
The croupier yells, "No more betting!"
She yanks a cord hanging from the perch and the birds begin to spin around the rod!

The birds spin slower, slower still, even slower -- and finally come to a stop!
Their googly eyes blink and their beaks clack, until...

The first bird snorts!
The second bird snorts!
The third bird snaps!

The croupier chants, "No winners! Better luck next time!"

The croupier straightens up the birds, folds their wings and puts the new totals on the slate.

The Table

A table topped with green felt sits in the middle of the room. Painted on it is a large circle divided into six wedge-shaped segments, with a word in each segment. Clockwise, the words are SNORT, SNIFFLE, SNARL, SNEEZE, SNAP and SNICKER. In the exact center is a picture of a tornado, touching each of the segments. A slate marker at the croupier's end of the table is marked with numbers.

The slate marker shows 15711204 dokoras in the Tornado jackpot and no dokoras on the table.

*Note: Not known yet if this shop is closed at night