Beseech the Wind to Refresh quest

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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

This quest is issued by Tomma at the guild near Shard. This quest is not time-sensitive; once you've accepted it, you do not need to complete it right away. You will need highest or second to highest Ranger bonus to GET SEED successfully on the quest.

First, head to Langenfirth, and into the Fens. Look for the stand of trees in the southwestern most room and GO TREES. Per the instructions from Tomma, take your beating. You will end up with every type of injury except internal/external bleeders and nerve damage. Once you are able, move NW and ASK DRYAD ABOUT WIND. She will give you a speech and then you will automatically be escorted back to the room with the strand of trees. Before continuing, it is recommended that you get healed (there is an autopath in Theren, go gate, n, w, go cottage, and fall over).

Travel to M'riss. Go to the Mountain Trail hunting area. In the Lun'shele hunting area, find the channel...from there go sw, nw, nw, w, ne (Genie room #275 of the M'riss map). PUSH BOULDER. You will get the message "You lean against the boulder and push with all your might." Each time "You stop pushing" PUSH BOULDER again. Eventually, you will get a message about the boulder revealing a fracture. Go fracture. Go to the spot at the bottom of the water area, conveniently marked "seeds" on Ranik's map (Genie #374 on the M'riss map), and then GET SEED.

When your bonus is too low and you try to retrieve the seed, you will receive Roundtime and messaging about coming up "empty handed." There is an extreme wilderness bonus room near the seeds room. Look for the edge and GO EDGE. You can use magic, etc. in this room, and it is a good place to hang out if your bonus is tanked. The few locals either hang out here, or near the hunter's shelter on the island to the west, past the log.

Once you have the small white seed, head back to the Fens in Langenfirth, same room as before where you got beat up by the dryads (you will not be injured this time), hold the seed and ASK DRYAD ABOUT REFRESH.

> ask dry about refresh

The dryad's fierce red eyes scan you from top to bottom. Her eyes grow wild as she approaches you. In an instant, your seed appears perched in the palm of her hand.

The dryad looks at you and says, "Now I can add another tree to this graveyard. When I have planted enough I know that my sisters will come back to me. Back from the dead..."

Resin streaks the dryad's rough face like woodland tears.

The dryad smears away her resin tears with a soft leaf. "But enough," she sighs, "You have completed your task, and now I will teach you what you came to learn."

She raises her arm right in front of your face and says, "Always with your kind it is seeing, touching, hearing. Is it not enough to know that the wind is there? That the water is there? Accept that it is there and simply open yourself to it. Watch my arm..."

As you gaze at the dryad's arm, the pores of her bark-like skin dilate until her entire limb is lattice of small holes outlined in brown flesh. She breathes in a deep, steady rhythm. After a moment, her pores contract, leaving her skin solid once more.

The dryad says, "Although my skin is not like yours, this technique will also work for you. Open and breathe the wind when it answers your call to refresh. Do not think, only breathe." . Her eyes glow intensely red and she exclaims, "Now be gone!"

A fendryad leads you safely out.

From Tomma:

>ask tomma about beseech the wind to refresh

Tomma says, "There are some secrets I do not part with easily. The secret of calling the wind to replenish the body was given to me by one of the forest sisters. Their struggle has always weighed heavily on my heart..."

She continues, "...I have learned many things from them."

Tomma sighs.

Tomma says, "If you truly want to learn this beseech of nature you may ask the one forest sister I know who could use your skill. Look for the living sister amongst the dead..."

Tomma lifts her head and says, "... but I warn you, when you find the path to her you must not lift a hand against the dead. The dead are in her care and she would sooner see you die than abide your striking out against them."