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A belt knife is typically a worn non-combat knife that can be used for skinning and rituals without having it in hand.



Item:Silver belt knife with a polished mahogany hiltfalsebelt
Item:Blackened stone wrist knife decorated with a curved rainbow smearfalsewrist
Item:Simple iron belt knifefalsebelt
Item:Serrated belt knifefalsetruebelt
Item:Simple belt knifefalsetruebelt
Item:Polished bronze belt knife with a wire-wrapped hiltfalsebelt
Item:Finely honed belt knifefalsetruebelt
Item:Dakohirdu bone wrist knife with a spidersilk-wrapped hiltfalsewrist
Item:Dark steel belt knifefalsebelt
Simple iron belt knifetruebelt
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In addition, there are combat versions of these knives, but once it has been used in an attack, for reasons not understood, it no longer can be used for Necromantic Rituals.
Necromancers and Ritual Knives
Despite the fact that most of their lives revolve around their ritual knives, Necromancers understand very little about them. Once a knife has been used for another purpose besides butchering the dead, it is no longer usable for rituals. If used in combat or even for cutting bread, it ceases to be suitable. Why? No one, including the Necromancers, know.
Weapon:Black ritualist's knife resembling a serrated beaktruewrist
Silver-hilted skinning knife displaying the Moon Mage Guild cresttruebelt
Weapon:Pewter-hilted skinning knife displaying the Thieves' Guild cresttruebelt
White ritualist's knife resembling a narrow teardroptruewrist
Weapon:Jade-hilted skinning knife displaying the Clerics' Guild cresttruebelt
Ceremonial knife with a pommel of unbroken spiderweb turquoisetruewrist
Weapon:Blood-red sacrificial knifetruewrist
Ruby-hilted skinning knife displaying the Empaths' Guild cresttruebelt
Weapon:Gold-hilted skinning knife displaying the Traders' Guild cresttruebelt
Jade-hilted skinning knife displaying the Clerics' Guild cresttruebelt
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