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The battle odaj is a type of armor originating with the Rakash people.


The term battle odaj always refers to armor, and never just clothing. It is a more recent development, having first begun as makeshift armor during the fights against the undead prior to the Great Migration. Rakash of that era would sometimes add scraps of metal or leather to their odaj, affixing them in whatever way they could to give themselves a measure of additional protection.

Though superficially differing from the more common armored robes mainly in the odaj-esque styling, a modern battle odaj is a much less haphazard creation and is actually quite difficult to make due to the balancing of the armored properties with the movement and flow expected in an odaj. Usually crafted either wholly from leather or from a combination of chain atop cloth, a battle odaj will always cover both shoulders and be ankle length. Oftentimes, a battle odaj will have some sort of decorative pauldrons as well. When these are present, they are most likely to be designed to reflect the religious leanings of the wearer.


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