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A page for listing the major changes in DragonRealms 3.1 for Barbarians.


  • Ranged weapon parrying has been removed.
  • Forms will now give a large amount of experience when they have completely powered up (about a minute). It is possible to stop and restart them once they've powered up to gain more experience, though there is a cooldown.
  • Addition of MEDITATE RESEARCH <ability> which will act as a combination of RESEARCH and DISCERN. This has a moderate cooldown, but allows training without cycling Forms on and off all the time.
  • Slots are learned every other level, up to circle 70, then one slot every 4 levels until circle 150.
  • Scrolls can now be SMASHED and EATEN. There is a tiny chance that destroying items will tank your IF, and a small chance of it negatively impacting it. A large chance of a minor IF gain and a tiny chance of a large IF gain.

Inner Fire Changes

Inner Fire usage has been a concern expressed by players regarding the new system in 3.0. To address this we released some modifications to the overall system.

  • Berserk ability costs were reduced to make them more balanced and attractive compared to other abilities.
  • Several of the Mastery abilities increase IF regen limits, increase Inner Fire skill, or allow for improved IF regeneration.
  • The new Barbarian Analyze combos can regenerate IF with ANALYZE FLAME.
  • Barbarians also have a chance to regenerate some Inner Fire when using a Combat Charged Maneuver if they pass an Expertise check.

Barbarian Combos

Barbarians now have a unique form of Tactical Combat that uses Expertise instead of the Tactics skill. These combos are self-only, cannot be refreshed and give a selective bonus when finished. Each form of ANALYZE unlocks with more Expertise skill.

ANALYZE <type>
Barbarians can analyze themselves to begin a self combo. These work very similar to enemy combos, except they use Expertise skill and can only be advanced by the Barbarian while engaged. Self combos do not have a strength, and subsequent ANALYZE attempts will be wasted. It is also possible to ANALYZE FLAME, ACCURACY, DAMAGE, INTIMIDATION, FATIGUE, BALANCE, VITALITY, RAGE or CALM.
  • Flame gives an IF boost when successfully completed.
  • Accuracy should be straight-forward. - Unlocks at 50 ranks in Expertise.
  • Damage should be straight-forward. - Unlocks at 140 ranks in Expertise
  • Intimidation prevents retreating for a short period of time. - Unlocks at 200 ranks in Expertise
  • Fatigue reduces the amount by which weapon attack fatigue you (will be expanded to include other sources of fatigue in time)
  • Balance reduces balance lost from combat.
  • Vitality recovers some lost vitality in combat.
  • Rage allows the next Berserk to be started at reduced initial IF cost.
  • Calm allows the next meditation to be used at reduced IF cost.

Choices available will be based on how much Expertise skill is known.

Expertise Skill

Barbarians will have a new Primary skill called Expertise grandfathered upon logging in. This skill represents a Barbarian's Mastery with weapons and combat-related tasks.

  • Expertise can be trained by performing Charged Combat Maneuvers and succeeding an Expertise Check.
  • Expertise can be trained by completing Barbarian Combos.



Ability Type Skill Difficulty Path Cost Prereqs Effect
Piranha Form Augmentation Basic Predator Evasion Boost
Monkey Form Augmentation Basic Flame 2 Balance and reflex Bonus
Badger Form Warding Advanced Horde Practicing these movement styles will provide moderate protection against all contested attacks except those involving agility, if the user possesses sufficient skill with warding.
Famine Berserk ?Warding? Basic Flame 2 Pulsing Vitality Regeneration
Wildfire Berserk Augmentation Basic Horde Agility bonus and a chance at RT reduction on weapon attacks
Earthquake Berserk Debilitation Advanced Horde 2 6 Enacting this rage will periodically unbalance, force to the knees, stun or harry an enemy if the user presents sufficient debilitation skill and succeeds in a contest of power versus reflex against his or her foe.
Volcano Berserk Augmentation Expert Horde Enacting this rage will prevent the Barbarian from death for a very short time. Each blow that would fell the warrior will instead quench the user's inner fire.
Tsunami Berserk Augmentation Expert Flame Enacting this rage will enhance the Barbarian's held weapon with increased damage and balance.
Everild's Rage Roar Debilitation Basic Predator Debuffs enemy's evasion
Mana Torment Roar Debilitation Expert Flame 3 8 Drain Mana.
Contemplation Meditation Augmentation Advanced Flame Boosts armor and augmentation skills.
Bastion Meditation Warding Basic Predator Strong barrier versus willpower contested attacks
Tenacity Meditation Warding Advanced Horde 2 Physical Damage resistance
Dispel Meditation Warding Advanced Flame Removes all magic on barbarian
Serenity Meditation Warding Expert Flame This technique will enact a strong integrity barrier against all offensive magics if the user has sufficient warding skill. Each spell deflected will drain some inner fire and roaring will shatter the ward.


Barbarians now have access to new Mastery Abilities. These represent advanced training within a path, and they have a high cost and required number of pre-requisite abilities. Can be trained at the former dance teachers.

For the most part individual MU feats do wimpy little things. Barbarian feats are awesome, and cost appropriately. Masteries are intended to be grand achievements and not a piece of flair worn down to the spit shack.

Ability Type Path Cost Prereqs Effect
Duelist Mastery Predator 4 8 Unlocks MEDITATE DUEL ability. Doubles the Barbarian's passive If regen limit for 10 minutes. Only usable out of combat, breaks once combat is initiated. Cooldown varies with IF skill but starts at 2 hours and caps at 45 minutes.
Tribalist Mastery Predator 4 8 Boosts debilitation skill and reduces IF forms cost.
Dervish Mastery Predator 1 8 Unlocks improved version Whirlwind
Titan Mastery Horde 4 8 +Augmentation, reduces IF cost of berserking
Strategos Mastery Horde 4 8 Bonus IF from killing enemies, unlocks ROAR AREA.
Juggernaut Mastery Horde 1 8 Unlocks improved Warstomp.
Powermonger Mastery Flame 4 9 Bonus to Inner Fire skill, more precise IF readings, +passive IF regen limit.
Yogi Mastery Flame 4 9 Allows meditating while standing and engaged at range, reduces RT and cost of meditating.
Templar Mastery Flame 1 9 Unlocks new ways to destroy magic items and view your count of magic items destroyed.

Not Included

  • Hurricane Berserk is not included, and it's future status is unknown.
  • CHOKE will not be included, and it's future status is undecided.
  • Infused chakrel will not be part of this release.


  • MEDITATE RESEARCH FAMINE shows it as being warding, when it seems like it would be Augmentation.
    WAI?: Berserk Famine trains the warding skill.
  • Attempting to use MEDITATE RESEARCH on masteries produces the initial message, "You clear your mind and begin to meditate upon the training you have received." then nothing happens.
    Corrected: Confirmed on 05/19/2014. Message received when using MEDITATE RESEARCH on mastery abilities "You struggle, but find yourself unable to recall any training in that ability."


  • MEDITATE RESEARCH SWAN produces a typo, a double space, "Swan Form is a Basic__ability in the Path".
  • MEDITATE RESEARCH BASTION produces a typo, a double space "contested abilities__using Willpower."
  • MEDITATE RESEARCH SEEK produces a typo, a double space "user possesses__sufficient skill"
  • MEDITATE RESEARCH DISPEL has a rogue newline midway through.
  • MEDITATE RESEARCH SERENITY produces a triple space, "all offensive magics if___the user has sufficient"

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