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Clauddvon Maud'divv
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Dayerin, Darthiel


You are War Wizard Clauddvon Maud'Divv, Elemental Magic Master of Elanthia, a Human. You have an angular face and gold-flecked brown eyes. Your golden brown hair is short and wavy, and is worn in a tousled, finger-combed style. You have tanned skin and an athletic build. Some ghastly jawless skulls float lazily around your head, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your skin.

You are elderly.

You have a tattoo of a sleek panther that is stalking a dark armored warrior through the depths of a forest on your chest.

You are holding a forester's crossbow in your right hand.

You are wearing a perfect gargoyle-hide cowl, a blue-grey steel staff acid-etched with geometric runes, a crocodile-skin buckler, an iron-banded parry stick with brown leather straps, some gauntlets, a lumpy bundle, some gold knee spikes, a flame red weapons belt with a Warrior Mage Guild crest buckle, some bloodstained steel-toed boots with tarnished skull buckles, a skull-shaped copper earring, a silvery spidersilk moneybelt studded with black opals and stitched with platinum threads, some blackened steel elbow spikes, some steel-toed footwraps with silver buckles, a pair of wire spectacles with amber lenses, a shadowy black mage's robe shot through with silver and red threads, a gargantuan Kerenhappuch war icon set atop a chiseled haft of cocobolo, a kertig earring set with a large molten diamond, a cambrinth ring etched with storm clouds and lightning bolts, a sleek azure poloh'izh hide cape clasped with a coiled abalone king snake and some blackened steel spiked knuckles.


Name: Clauddvon Maud'divv

Race : Human

Guild: Warrior Mage

Circle: Unknown

Spouse: Dayerin

Child(ren:) Darthiel

Roleplay Stance: Medium

PvP Stance: Guarded

Quote: "I am the Master of my fate. I am the Captain of my soul."

Quick Reference

Birthplace Crossing

Height 5' 8" (average)

Alignment Good

Affiliation All who choose to follow me.

Gods Meraud

Back Story

Ta some….whut I’m about ta tell ya may come as a surprise, but please….ya asked… sit back and listen ta my little story…a story of despair and unhappiness…turned good!

Aye...angry ya say? ::chortles as some secret joke:: Yup…I used ta be….I s’pose! "What?"……Me……Angry? ::Inhales a great breathe of air and slowly releases:: Ya’d be amazed. I s’pose my mom and pop jes didn’t care enough fer me ta stick around. ::slowly raises his head from the ground:: Many a day and year passed wit no results……What? O’course I searched fer em….any kid woulda.

S’pose all dem years of searchin’ had turned me inta a bitter man, though. ::sighs softly, looking off into the distance:: But….it didn’t matter ta me when I was younger cause I had been born wit some amazin’ powers dat helped me "even out da score"…::sighs:: Da deep rooted hate fer every livin’ ting……::begins to weep softly as he turns away from you:: The inner pain dat I felt fer bein’ abandoned I s’pose.

I wasnae lucky enough ta be adopted,……though….t’was prolly fer da best. Killin’ and bein killed was all dere was fer me. S’pose da open fields’ll do dat to a feller. What’s dat ya say?…..What made me change? ::cackles loudly as he gazes toward the skies:: What changed me you ask? Ifn’ I tell ya, ya promise not ta tease me wit it later? ::leans on you as he chuckles wildly:: Alrighty den, I s’pose…fer you!…I tell dis story.

I was runnin’ my daily affairs…which included…killin’ killin’ and more killin’. I was on me way ta dese creatures known as Reavers….Ferocious tings dey be. Ya see, da Reavers and me…well…::chuckles:: Jes suffice it ta say we wuddn’t too friendly wit each udder. After runnin’ around on da surface fer a while killin’ evertin’ in sight, I decided ta head below da ground on dis nifty contraption….Ya stand on it, and it’ll lower ya inta da darkness below. Well, I did it on many occasions ‘afore, so it wuddn’t a bit deal……little did I know dat dis day would change da rest of my life as I knew it! ::shifts his weight slightly before continuing::

Now, when ya look at me…..tell me what ya see? ::pauses, waiting for you to respond:: ::after your response he begins laughing hysterically and shaking his head at you:: Naw, I mean beyond da charm, looks and great physical conditionin’…..what else do ya see? Look deeper me friend….::grins facetiously:: Aye!! Dat’s it! You see it too? ::he begins to wobble:: Dat’s what most people see when dey look at me, too. Where’d I get it ya ask? I dunno……I jes always had dis glow around me….dis light dat surrounds my body…..dunno where I got it….s’posin’ maybe I got it in place of me parents? ::scratches his head:: Some people like it, and some tink it’s evil! ::shrugs:: I not evil. ::smirks::

Anywayz, on wiff da story……at da bottom of da mines…fer beyond da surfact of da cold grounds of Elanthia, is a shaft dat ya can climb back up to da surface…..::begins reminiscing again::……dat it….ifn’ ya got da skills! ::cackles wildly to himself:: Ya wonderin’ how any of dis is relevant, are ya? ::shrugs:: Ya asked me, so shaddup and jes listen. Dat’s da problem wit people taday…dey wanna talk…jes don’t wanna listen. ::leans over to one side::

So, ta make a long story short….dis little elf girl tried climbin’ down dat mine shaft dat day….and….well…was less dan successful. ::lifts his hand over his mouth and begins snickering softly:: And…from dat day on…I was complete! ‘Amember me tellin’ ya dat my parents didn’t care about me? Well….none of dat mattered anymore! ‘Amember da pain and anger dat I had fer everyone? It vanished! Dis little elf girl….changed my life! I’m lucky dat she still willin’ ta put up wit dis old fool.

Dis little elf made me whole. ::begins glowing with happiness and warmth:: I ‘finally’ found ‘er! My little elven flower!!! Bein’ wit ‘er was, and still is all dat I ever needed.

From day one….da very first day dat she fell inta my lap in Reavers…..(and died)…..she’s been teachin’ and showin’ me ways ta show genuine concern and love fer udders. She is da reason dat I am…who I am taday!

Anger??? Gone!

Hate and Despair??? Jes Vanished!!

Tanks ta da Gods, and ta dat little Elven Girl, dat I’m here taday. Able and willin’ ta spread my love ta udders……..Dat little Elven girl blessed me wit a Son! He, too, is da best thing dat ever happened ta me. Da boy grew up strong, mighty and ended up even marryin’ one of me best friends from long ago. My family, taday….is what I live fer. Dey all make me constantly happy. Little babies bein’ born all over da place nowadayz. I now a proud "Great, Great Granddaddy" ::grin:: So…can ya kinda understand why it makes me happy ta spread a little light ta udders…"JES A LITTLE"…of what I now get ta live wiff.

By Kertigen….ya know what? Ya certainly are rare!!, and quite priceless too!!

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