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Artistry is a discipline of the Outfitting skill. Currently, it has very limited functionality, but more is planned.


Dyeing is the act of applying a color to a crafted object.



Dye tubs are filled by either POURing the dye in, in order to add one dose of dye, or PUTting the dye in to add all uses. Afterward, the item to be dyed is PUT into the tub.


Rather than instantly failing to dye the item, not succeeding the skill check will instead use more than a single dose of dye in the process. If insufficient dye is in the tub, only then will the dye attempt fail.


The order which an item is dyed determines the placement of the color adjective.

  • If the finished item is dyed, then the result is "an <item> colored with <color> dye."
  • If the initial material, such as cloth, is dyed prior to it being made into an item, then it takes the form of "a <color> <item>." Note, depending on the item, the color may be hidden behind the material in this process, requiring a cleaning cloth to display it.

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