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Relative Level 55-60
Skill Cap 50 to 85
Skinnable Yes
Has Coins Yes
Has Gems Yes
Has Boxes Yes
Evil No
Corporeal Yes
Construct No
Backstabbable Back Stab
Casts Spells No
Attack Range Melee
Stealthy No
Special Attacks No
Special Defenses No
Skinning Details
Part Name arbelog claw
Part Weight 4
Ranks Required 60
Max Value 46 Lirums
57.5 Kronars
41.492 Dokoras
0.0575 LTBpoints
0.0575 Tickets
0.0575 Scrips
Max Arranged Unknown
Manipulatable Yes
Skill Required Unknown / Unknown
Teaching Cap Unknown


The arbelog stands about six feet in height, humanoid in appearance, with inordinately long, muscular arms and prehensile-toed feet. It is covered with thick brown fur, lighter at the belly and face, a dark stripe running down its back. Large heavily lidded eyes peer out over a flat wrinkled nose and nearly lipless mouth.

In Depth

It is wearing nothing!
It is carrying nothing!


In 1996, arbelogs are where the high level characters went to hunt, since the boxes contained gold coins. They still yield around 1,000 Lirums per box.


TM hard caps at 100 ranks.
Defenses hard cap at 91 ranks.
Weapons crawl beyond 80, possibly with an 85 hard cap. The bears and rams won't teach weapons at all past 80.
Not recommended below 80 defenses, and unfortunately only teach up to 90. Multiple arbelogs can be quite dangerous below 90, especially once you build up any sort of burden.
The only hunting area that spawn these (West of Riverhaven) is also a spawning area for Meadow Rams and Black Bears, both of which stop teaching significantly earlier than Arbelogs. Furthermore, the bears almost always go after the other critters before engaging players. Bears will work together to kill all rams and arbelogs in an area before going after a hunter. Rams and arbelogs act normally, going after the hunter and ignoring the bears unless engaged with them.
It is possible (though very rare) for dusk ogres to wander into this area from the nearby cave, but they aren't dangerous if you're hunting here.

As of 8/25/18: TM only 1/34 @ 92 ranks.

Skinning and Lockpicking

Arbelogs train skinning fairly well in the mid-60s.

Boxes are at-level within the range of approximately 60-70 ranks. Can pick and disarm carefully in the high 40's.