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What your design should specify:

  • base name: article/adjective/noun, e.g., a lush/mimosa/tree (max of 15 characters for each of the three components, no spaces in the noun)
  • appearance ("tap"): the full name of the tree as seen in the room text (limit of 80 characters, including spaces -- no commas)
  • description ("look"): what people see if they look at the tree (limit of 500 characters, including spaces and punctuation)
  • read (optional): what people see if they read the tree (limit of 100 characters or 10 words, whichever is shorter)

Design Guidelines for Circle of Sympathy:

  • The noun must be "tree."
  • It must be a species of tree that grows in Elanthia.
  • The description must be written entirely in the third person. (Avoid the use of you/your.)
  • Your design cannot contradict the atmospheric messaging that describes the tree as a phantasmal blue color with golden leaves.
  • The tree cannot have creatures living in it.
  • The tree cannot be described as moving or making noise.